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Nov 5, 2009 11:31 AM

Where can I buy Niederegger milk or dark chocolate marzipan bars in DC?

Does anyone know where I might be able to find the Niederegger chocolate marzipan bars in DC? I don't have the time to go to Rodman's or World Market. Whole Foods definitely does not carry them.

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  1. Maybe try calling the German Store in Mclean? It doesn't mention it on their website, but they might be able to order it for you if nothing else.

    1. I just bought one at the German Gourmet in Falls Church two weeks ago. Went into buy sausage and it magically jumped into my hand along with the weisswurst I had gone there to get. They also have a location in Bailey's Crossroads.

      Oh it was soooooooooooo, good!

      1. Cafe Mozart has a good selection of chocolates, give them a call.

        Cafe Mozart
        1331 H St NW # 1, Washington, DC