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Nov 5, 2009 10:34 AM

Fun dinner on the town Saturday night – somewhere cool but not loud or rushed.. in a Village maybe..

I have a bunch of places on my list (thanks to all those who responded to my other post) for quick bites to eat, but when three girlfriends & I descend on Manhattan this Saturday, I am still up in the air on where to have dinner. None of us have much money so still looking for a great value. It will probably be pretty late in the evening & I have a feeling we will be wearing jeans. Our hotel is in the theatre district, so we are pretty open as to which part of Manhattan, but are leaning towards downtown. We are in our thirties & none of us have been to many places – so we are looking for somewhere fun – somewhere we at least get the feeling of being in “real NYC” – somewhere as inexpensive as possible – and somewhere we can kick back & take our time having some good food & drinks. I would appreciate any suggestions for any sort of cuisine; though my preference is some place we can have small plates. Thanks!

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  1. look at Havana Alma de Cuba,, really fun cuban restaurant with great music and great sangria.. it's one of my favorites.. it's not too expensive either.. make sure you ask to sit in the front room (although the bongo music could be a bit loud) check it out..