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Nov 5, 2009 10:25 AM

Keeping tortillas warm

For my daughters 2nd birthday I'm having a sort of taco bar. For fillings I'm making beef barbacoa, a pork chili verde, and maybe some chicken.

My question is, what's the best way to keep a large number of tortillas warm, without them going hard?

BTW, I'm using flour tortillas.

I know, the purists are going to scold me, but I don't care for corn tortillas, and neither do most of the people coming.

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  1. I like flour too.

    You can warm a moist towel in the Micro and have the torts rapped in the hot towel.

    If you live near a mexican market they will have tortilla warmers. Some have a disk that you warm in the oven and then place under the tortillas.

    1. I've tried a lot of tortilla warmers and the only one that really works well is La Tortilla Loco. I ordered a couple of them online and am very happy with them. They go in the microwave (the time for the number of tortillas, corn or flour, is printed on the outside) and they're inexpensive and cute. I know they hold at least a dozen and keep them warm for at least an hour.

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        Oh my, yes La Tortilla Loca has the best solution.... their tortilla warmers! I have used the chinese ones and they are CRAP! La Tortilla Loca's are great because they are made here in the USA & i love supporting anything USA made. They also hold the patented for these so they are FDA safe. What i love about it is that i use them for all types of foods, they bake a potato in 5min, heat tamales, burritos & even make a quesadilla in them! Plus they have alot of nice designs to chose from :)

      2. I bought a tortilla warmer on eBay years ago. It works pretty well _ for either flour or corn tortillas.

        1. I wrap in a damp towel and put it in my 5Qt crockpot set on low.

          1. I wrap corn tortillas in a damp cloth and then wrap that in foil and stick it in a low heat oven. Don't know if this would work for flour...might stick to the cloth?