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Nov 5, 2009 10:10 AM

Downtown deli

I'm dying for a pastrami sandwich, or maybe corned beef- either way I need a good deli downtown. I thought Katz's, but then read the reviews on trip advisor. I'm a bit leery now. I could use some help! Thank you!

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  1. In Tribeca, there is Zucker's (Chambers Street). They use Carnegie pastrami, which I like.

    1. Katz is awsome. Dont listen to the reviews, check it out for yourself.

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      1. re: jdg5005

        Thanks for the reply. What's the story on the waiter service at Katz's? I like to park my arse and let someone else do the walking!

        1. re: bhein

          I like to wait on line - and it doesn't take a long time - but when I've had waiter service at Katz's, I've made it clear that I wanted a nice, juicy pastrami sandwich, and got one. You'll be fine. And if what comes isn't to your liking, send it back.

      2. Given your requirements, it would be silly not to go to Katz'... You can sit and get great service from the waiters.

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        1. re: StheJ

          Go to Katz's
          A true NYC dining experience
          Love the waiters
          Don't be afraid to ask for extra pickles

          1. re: pbjluver

            Good advice. And make sure to ask for tomato pickles as well as regular ones (sour or/and half sour, as you like).

            1. re: Pan

              Thank you everyone! Went to Katz's, got waiter service (the lines were longish, but I did notice they moved quickly) had good service and LOVED my Pastrami. The half sours are crazy good, too.