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Nov 5, 2009 10:09 AM

Springform pans - how to adjust a recipe when using individual-sized pans?

I would like to make my favorite chocolate cheesecake recipe in my individual sized springform pans. I've never done this before and wonder how to adjust the recipe (if at all) and baking time.

Has anyone done this? TIA.

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  1. Recipe probably wouldn't change - cheesecake is pretty much just crust bottom and filling, right?

    Cooking time would.. you are cooking in a water bath, correct? It would be shorter, of course - can you tell when you favorite c-cake is done by the "jiggle factor" when you move it slightly? Could you use that as an indicator when the smaller versions are done as well? Or you could stick a probe thermometer into one and use it as the "canary" that tell you when the internal temp is right..