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Nov 5, 2009 10:01 AM

looking for surprsing pizza

I have two friends coming to town on saturday and they are in the mood for pizza. We are going to Motorino and Keste, but I want to take them someplace that we wouldn't normally think of as the normal great pizza. Either someplace that will surprise me that they even have good pizza or just something different. An interesting topping or some not the normal gourmet pizza. Suggestions would be great.


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  1. it's not surprising or off the beaten path... but Otto has some interesting pies. Is that too pedestrian?

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    1. re: egit

      Otto's Aglio, Olio & Pepperoncino pie is supurb.

      1. re: olia

        interesting- i have to admit i am not at all a fan of indian food (a bad trip to india that led to a lot of time being sick is to thank). But, this is the kind of thing i am looking for. Egit- I have done Otto. Perhaps a bit to pedestrian.

        1. re: olia

          my stomach hurts just looking at that!

          1. re: smokeandapancake

            I adore the potato pizza at Grandaisy.

          2. I can't vouch for the quality as I've never had it but Artichoke has pizza that seems to have an artichoke dip topping on it. Also nearby is the Crocodile Lounge, and while I wouldn't say that the pizza is high quality in any way, it comes free with every drink you buy. I'd call that a surprise! (Plus, they have skee-ball!)

            Crocodile Lounge
            325 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

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              NOT a fan of artichoke, but thank you for the suggestion

            2. Singas Pizza? It is local chain New York that has Greek origins in Elmhurst, Queens and makes pizzas that are cooked in shallow cast-iron pans. They tend to have a thicker crust than NYC folks are accustomed to, and are only sold in individual pie portions. I can attest that the jalapeno ones are might tasty.

              There's a location on 2nd Avenue, not too far from Motorino. Kind of fast-food-ish atmosphere, but certainly something different. Located on 2nd avenue between 11th and 12th streets in the East Village.