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Nov 5, 2009 09:40 AM

Euro Bistro - Maspeth anyone?

First of all, I love this block - Grand Ave in Maspeth. Great bakeries and old school delis. This block is a bit stuck in time.

New Bistro opened up I think yesterday. I went in and they served it's basically all different types of european food. It felt pleasant in there.

Short menu, which I like - stuff like tuna tartar, beef goulash, roast duck, veal/lamb shank, stuffed cabbage. Real food. prices are 15-20

anyone been yet? looks interesting.


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  1. I havent tried it yet (cant belive the corner stone is gone already they were their before euro bistro) I agree with you on the block walters deli #1 imop. my wife doesnt like the tpye of food you mentioned but i do I will have to call a couple of my friends to go out and try them. did you eat there or just checked out the menu? If you did eat their how was the food.

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      didn't eat there. I was alone and it was a bit out of my price range for just me. I went to Walters actually....

    2. The food was excellent, the atmosphere was relaxing & it was not overpriced. It is a gem. Great place to hang out with friends & they also deliver. Try the Beef Stroganoff & Hungarian Goulash. They actually make their own spaetzel to order. The cucumber salad is totally to die for as is their Euro Burger. Great neighborhood place. Keep up the good work