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Nov 5, 2009 09:18 AM

Tampa- Best outdoor dining?

The weather is primo right now for outdoor dining... Either for brunch or dinner, where's the best outdoor eats in Tampa? Ideally the best mix of grub, beer/wine, and ambiance, somewhere to take the wife. BT is nice, as is the southern place next door to it (I forget the name), also Oystercatchers is pretty hard to beat but expensive.

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  1. The food and views at Hula Bay have ALWAYS been perfect. Casual, seafood, burgers, fish tacos(YUM)..cocktails, live music at Dukes downstairs.

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      I forgot to mention that place, I like it too since the reopen, good seafood and good sushi!

    2. Located in the southwest corner behind the Sweetbay at Linebaugh Ave. & Sheldon Road....

      ----- you wouldn't believe what they throw away!

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        ?? I can't figure out what this is?

        1. while i used to love dining al fresco, down here in florida, it is impossible for me. as much as i'd love to dine while watching the sun set on the water, overflowing ashtrays the size of 55 gallon drums and a choking cloud of smoke keeps me indoors. i can't get used to the fact that everyone chain smokes down here. (cough, cough!)

          1. Sorry...
            It was the first image that came to mind when the subject of dining outside came up...
            I had surgery a couple days ago and me and the Percocet thought it was funny...

            I wanted to edit soon after, but that option expired unusually quickly....

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              so... now that you're sobered up any places you like? ;)

            2. Upstairs, outside at Bungalow Bistro comes to mind.

              Bungalow Bistro
              5137 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603