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Nov 5, 2009 09:15 AM

Best of SoBe?

After combing this board for rec's I've found that 90% of the must-tries of Miami are not located on the beach. I would rather not have to rely on a car, or pay a crazy taxi fare for each meal, though I know I may have to break the rule for some restos that I've got my eye on (Michael's Genuine, Beer & Burger Joint, Enriqueta's). What are your faves in SoBe? It seems Talula is highly recommended, and Puerto Sagua is as good as it gets on the beach for cuban sandwiches. I've never been to Miami so I would love to eat foods that I won't find anywhere else, so I guess that means no steak houses. Also I'd like to avoid seafood places and European restos. Most importantly I have an insatiable sweet tooth so I would love SoBe latin bakery rec's. TIA!

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  1. Joe's Stone Crabs-90 year old sobe institution!
    Taverna OPA - Greek
    Lario's on the Beach - Cuban
    La Sandwicherie - French Sub/Salad Shop
    Tap Tap - Haitian
    Rice-Persian Grill
    Jimmy's Kitchen-Good!
    Rosinella's-Italian Gnocci's Bolognese (not on the menu)
    Burger n Beer Joint - BnB
    Joe Allen-American
    Pizza Rustica-Square Slices

    That ought to keep you busy!

    Most of the good Latin Bakeries are off the Beach. In fact, none come to mind! Paul is a French institution on Lincoln Rd. Le Chic on Washington. Brioche de Oro on 41st St. There are some Latin Bakeries on Washington Ave near Espanola Way...dicey at best.

    La Sandwicherie
    229 14th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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      Glad to hear La Brioche Doree is open again.

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        Thank you so much for this list! I'm stoked to find that Burger n Beer is on the beach. Netmover, I don't know Miami at all (except for GTA Vice City) so when you say dicey do you mean to say that I should come packing heat if I venture out to Washington Ave? If the sweets there are fantastic then I guess I'll take the risk! I live in France so it probably wouldn't be too interesting to go to Paul or Brioche Doree.

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          Washington Ave. and Espanola Way is no dicier than GTA Vice City, so you should be fine, won't even need your AK. ;) - seriously, though, that end of South Beach can sometimes be just slightly skeevy, but it's nowhere near "taking your life in your hands" material. I think netmover was referring to the quality of the bakeries rather than the neighborhood.

          I have yet to find a truly good bakery anywhere in Miami since Biga closed years ago. I have tasted some good things at Moises Bakery, a Venezuelan bakery in North Beach, though that is about 50 blocks away from where you'll be.

          If you have a sweet tooth you should check out Icebox Cafe on Lincoln Road. Also good for late breakfast.

          You are generally right that most of the interesting eating in Miami these days is not on South Beach. Talula is definitely my favorite on South Beach and indeed one of my favorites period. Sardinia is good - not particularly "Miami", but good food and the regional (i.e. Sardinian) Italian take is different. Indomania (Dutch-Indonesian) is also very good, though again not particularly "Miami". Tap Tap is a good suggestion. Joe's Stone Crab is a local institution that still has great food, but if you don't want seafood it may not be the right place for you (though you could get the 1/2 fried chicken and a slice of key lime pie and be pretty happy).

          Puerta Sagua and David's Cafe are the 2 longest-standing Cuban options on South Beach. Neither is particularly exceptional. For some of Miami's other Latin American options, you could try Chalan on the Beach (Peruvian) or Parilla Liberty (Argentinian - is this still open?). For more upscale, Neuvo Latino, there's Douglas Rodrguez's Ola restaurant.

          Joe's Stone Crab
          11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

          131 26th St, Miami Beach, FL 33140

          1. re: Frodnesor

            I checked out the Ice box cafe website. I started drooling when I read the description of the pina colada pancake. It has sweetened condensed milk! And a side of bacon! I'll definitely be there. Frodesnor, maybe you can answer a reservation question for me. I'll be in town during the week (mon-thurs), and i'm wondering if I'll need to reserve in advance for some of the more upmarket places (Talula, Michael's). We're late eaters so we most likely won't arrive at the resto before 9 PM. Maybe at that hour during the middle of the week we could just walk in and get a table?

            1. re: schtroumpfette

              Icebox has done lots of stuffed pancake variations and yes, they're good. As for reservations - Miami is generally a late dining town, so 9pm is often prime-time. There are some places that will be tough to get into without a reservation - Michael's Genuine, Michy's, Sra. Martinez, and (so I've heard) Hakkasan, Mr. Chow, Casa Tua, for instance - but others you should be able to walk in mid-week.

              6927 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33138

              Sra. Martinez
              4000 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137

              Miami Beach, FL, Miami Beach, FL

              Casa Tua
              1700 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

      2. Burger and Beer joint is in south beach btw. You should go to martarello if you have a sweet tooth and get the bombolinos with cream (not chocolate) filling.

        1. Thanks for the crystal clear translation hit the nail on the head more than once! "Dicey" meaning the quality of Latin sobe bakeries, very hit or miss quality wise. Icebox is an awesome choice!

          You got to use caution like any city, but this ain't the wild wild west anymore!

          Mattarello is a great Italian bakery/sandwich shop, I'd say #1 on SOBE now. TP you nailed that one. As for the good Latino Bakeries they are few and far between here on the beach, they are all on the other side. Gilberts, Brazo Fuerte, etc.

          By the way, if you have never eaten a Stone Crab you owe it to yourself to try them barring any allergies or religious beliefs of course. It is the quintessential Miami delicacy! And Joe's is the quintessential Miami restaurant. Nuff said...

          The Frieze Ice Cream Parlour off Lincoln is a good place to get your sweet tooth mojo working! I go for the Whopper, Coconut, Bacci and/or Pistaccio.

          There's a good Cuban on 41st Street here on the beach that will definately do the trick for lunch! It's called Latin Cafe. They close early.

          OLA (Of Latin America by Doug Rodriguez) is also an excellent choice and depending on when you arrive, his new Cuban resto D Rodriguez may be open!

          Chalan offers up some decent Peruvian grub, the best on the beach for sure if you do not count NOBU's version. NOBU would be a good choice too for sure, although it's primarily sushi.

          BY DAY:

          La Sandwicherie
          Monty's (Friday Happy Hour)
          Burger N Beer Joint
          News Cafe
          Front Porch
          Nikki Beach (Sundays)

          BY NITE:

          Casa Tua
          Barton G
          Lario's (outside)
          Rosinella's or somewhere on Lincoln!
          Osteria del Teatro

          Bon voyage...


          La Sandwicherie
          229 14th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

          525 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

          Barton G Restaurant
          1427 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

          Casa Tua
          1700 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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            This is great! Thank you all for your recommendations. I can't wait!