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Nov 5, 2009 06:42 AM

Weekday breakfast - north chinatown

Hi everyone. Our office recently moved to Grand St. near Elizabeth/Centre. Just down the street from DiPalo's. What is good for breakfast around here? (I am looking for things that I can pick up after I get off the train at Canal or Grand St. and take into the office, not a big sit-down breakfast). If you give me suggestions, I will definitely try them and report back.

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  1. There's lots of pork bun options in the area (search the board of just fall into any Chinese bakery and have a try). Also, there's Oro on Broome and Mott for coffee and fresh-baked goods. There's also a Starbucks on Canal near Centre or Lafayette, Sadly, the Pancake House on Grand and Centre is kind of terrible. I live in the area and want to love it, but just can't.

    1. Thanks. This morning I actually got pretty decent coffee at Acquadolci, right across the street from my new office! And fresh ricotta & sullivan st. bakery bread from DiPalo's - can't go wrong there. But I guess I was hoping to learn where to get good breakfast congee, rice crepes, any particularly good buns or other breakfast items. I've popped into a few bakeries but there are a lot of them and none have been standouts so far.

      1. Sun Sai Gay (sp?) has delicious buns. My favorite is coconut. Canal and Baxter.

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          Thanks for the reminder on Sun Sai Gay. I went this morning and the buns looked delicious. I decided to try fresh rice noodles with shrimp instead. They were really good! I also like this place for roast meats.