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Nov 5, 2009 06:38 AM

Matter and anti-matter collide: Martha's show to feature Rachael Ray

On Friday the 13th - at least the producers have a sense of humor! They will bake together. (I hear that the audience has been advised to wear Kevlar ;-D.)

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  1. Maybe they'll have a massive fight.. then a moment of silence and then kiss, falling to the floor in a passionate embrace.

    1. I don't even know what to say---your caption says it all.


      1. They should have a tickle fight, which would be an all kinds of wrong turn-on for cooking show watching couch potato dudes across America...

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          1. re: greygarious

            Well, I guess we missed out a chance to see one epic tickle fight!

        1. Huh. Rach' said she doesn't bake because she doesn't like to measure. I guess anybody would jump at the chance to be on a show with Marth'.