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Nov 5, 2009 06:25 AM

Good breakfast place with kid in Montreal

I'm looking for a place to go for breakfast/brunch on sundays - we are a couple of friends from Montreal and sometimes my friend's son (3-4 years old) come along. So we,re looking for a place that would have space for him to play - where from different area in montreal, so no need to be on the Plateau , although still "central" (Rosemont, NDG, Downtown, Plateau, St-Herni is fine). We tried coop Touski and loved it, also Dim sum worked great. I wanted to try "La grand-mère poule" on Beaubien (which has a playing-room on second floor) but it's closed for the moment...



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  1. For brunch, The Sparrow is kid friendly. Ethan, one of the owners recently had a child who is frequently there. La Banquise is also friendly to children and does a great breakfast.

    1. Griffintown Cafe east of Guy..... great for kids and adults... the chef just had a kid as well... :)

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        thanks for you suggestions !
        I looked at the restaurants website (Sparrow and Griffintown)... looks nice, but I'm not sure it's excatly what we're looking for... Even thoug the owner of the Sparrow just had a baby, the little guy that will be with us is a full of energy 4 years-old. not quite the same that a baby that can sleep all through the meal. I will keep your suggestions in mind though the places looks good! I'll try them first before , and we'll stick with coop touski for this time (which has a little play room that comes quite handy when the breakfast is over for little-guy! )

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          On weekends during brunch, there are always toddlers about. I went a few weeks ago with a 5 year old and had no problems.

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            Mamie Clafoutis has an upstairs room with a play area, games, etc.. it's very casual,
            although it's more of a croissant/pastry place, there's only one egg sandwich offering so no full brunch option. We brought up our own trays, it was taking too long, since they were very busy on that sunday morning. I'm just mentioning it for another time
            when you'd want to take him for pasty and tea.

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          I went to the Griffintown Cafe for Brunch and while the food is amazing, it is not quite kid friendly. There are no high chairs (went recently) and there is such a hipster vibe that we definitely got the impression that kids were tolerated at best. Too bad. If anyone has had a different experience then by all means do share. Maybe I am wrong (would like to be :)

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          1. If you are still interested, I almost always see kids at Byblos, and I know they have high chairs.

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            1. Hey just spotted this article in La Presse and thought you might find it useful

              10 bons restos où aller avec les enfants
              (10 good restaurants where you can bring your kids)