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Nov 5, 2009 05:53 AM

Costco Meatballs?

I'm thinking of buying frozen meatballs for a party this weekend. Anyone who has tried them/has a preference? I'm not sure if there will be any choice in brands. Thanks!

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  1. worst case, you could use them to patch tires if they don't work out.

    1. Where are you? There are better alternatives out there if you can't make your own. Are you anywhere near Sam's Italian Market in Willow Grove? I'm pretty sure when I was in there last week they had a tub of 40 with sauce.

      1. I prefer the Costco brand. They taste great and you get a huge bag at a very reasonable price. Perfect for when I'm making my Cranberry Chili Meatballs!

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          I also use this brand for cocktail meatballs, simmered in equal parts chili sauce and grape jelly. It's always the biggest hit at our superbowl party.

        2. Costco's "Kirkland" house brand frozen meatballs are very good; we keep them around for those days when we're in a hurry and don't feel like cooking.

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          1. re: Dave_in_PA

            Great, thanks for the opinions. Normally I make my own, but I just don't have the time right now!

            1. re: KateForbes

              Haven't tried the Costco ones, but their products are consistently good.
              We use the Trader Joe's. My husband is an excellent cook, but now we keep them frozen and add them to whatever sauce we're using. He's happy with them.

          2. I slowly went through a bag of the kirkland brand. I won't buy them again but they are certainly convenient. Each time I used the meatballs I browned them a bit more in a fry pan with chopped fresh garlic and then simmered them in my own spaghetti sauce. They seemed tasteless to me even with the extra tweaking. I agree with Den that there has got to be better options. Still, if I were in your shoes Kate and really pressed for time I wouldn't rule out the Kirkland brand. They won't enhance the sauce much so make sure your sauce is killer if you are serving them with a sauce or gravy.