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Nov 5, 2009 04:21 AM

Pre-theater meal in Theater District, NYC

Going to a 7:30 show tonight and can't get into the city until 6 or so...does anyone have a recommendation for a fast yet decent place to go? We like Le Marais but I don't know if we can be in and out of there in time to be seated at 7:30. Is the Clubhouse Cafe across the street a better choice--faster service?

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  1. Clubhouse is ostensibly quicker but every time I've been there it's been packed, which inevitably slowed the meal down.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      Last time I was in Clubhouse, I was told 45 minute wait is standard. I love the place, but with limited time, maybe you should try Cafe K.

      1. re: DebbyT

        Clubhouse tip: If you are in a rush, eat at the bar. I've never waited more than 5 min. to be served and my order is taken right away. Of course, it helps to order something that does not require extra time to prepare.

    2. You might consider Abigael, which is a bit further away but easily doable. If you do, be very insistent with the waiter that you MUST be out of there by 7, so you want to be warned if something is going to take a long time to prepare.

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        Seriously, if teachermom gets into the city by "6 or so" do you think that any upscale restaurant will have her OUT by 7? Not a chance.

        1. re: DebbyT

          I've actually been to Abigael's for a pre-show dinner, and made it (just) to the theatre; we would have made it in good time if we could have made the waiter understand that we were on a short deadline. One of us ordered something that took a long time to prepare, and a competent waiter would have warned us about that and steered that person to something else.

      2. Update: when we got into the city, we decided to try LeMarais. It was 5:50, we were seated immediately, and were out the door by 7. Food was good, as usual. Love their fries and roast chicken. My daughter had the coq au vin, which was nice. We shared a dessert and made it to be seated for Hamlet with Jude Law (had to throw that in--it was awesome)by 7:30. All's well that ends well :)