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Top Chef alums with Fabio

Was everyone as bored as I was and that's why there's no post? Or maybe I'm blind. I thought I'd come in to read about the last 2/3 of the show cuz I went to bed and don't care about any spoilers. Why did that have that break up the regular show at this point? My biggest observation was how much weight Harold's gained. And I was surprised that Lisa was on since I don't remember her going that far but I could be mistaken. I'll catch the rest of it at some point, no rush.

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  1. Funny - I looked for a post last night, to say, wow, this is so boring. And no one had created one yet. I liked Casey a little better, is about the only thing I came away with. And Hung seemed a little more humble. But the whole hour was so boring.......,

    1. It wasn't rivetting fare but its like a reunion, you want to catch up on things and I wanted to see these folks cook when they are not so pressured.

      I thought Lisa had gained a fair amount weight too. I like Tiffany a lot better, she seems to have taken that chip off her shoulder. I wish Stefan would have pounded Marcel into the ground as a favor to everyone. The preivously unseen part from season 4 where Marcel was in his attack dog mode with Toby was fun to watch, I don't care for either one so it was great to see them snipe at each other.

      I think if you were to judge it as a TC episode yes it was boring, but if you were to judge it as a catch up on what these folks are doing and catlog how they have grown since the experience, it was great.

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      1. re: Phaedrus

        Agree - not riveting, but fun to watch. Those I appreciated more because they seemed to have grown up: Tiffany and Hung. Or maybe it was that they "toned down" their intensity. Had to laugh at Harold in the kitchen saying "There's the Hung we all know and love" when Hung started his running around again. :-)

        Marcel just confirmed that he's still a putz. The previously unseen Judges Table with the stuff between Marcel and Toby - sheesh, Marcel - get that chip OFF your shoulder. He seemed throughout the reunion dinner to still be playing the role of pissed off little boy. His rudeness to Fabio "I didn't watch your season" was really uncalled for. You could see that everyone else was looking like they just wanted to smack him. Wish they had.

        Overall, I enjoyed seeing them in a more relaxed mode. Would have liked to have seen Stephanie, tho. But can I just say I'm thrilled they didn't have Hosea or Leah there? Stefan, Carla, and Fabio were the best three from TC5. You could tell they genuinely all like each other.

        Oh - funny bit. Tiffany teasing Stephan about dumping Jamie to go after her. :-)

        1. re: LindaWhit

          It's so odd...Marcel claims to have never watched Season 5, but could claim that Stefan called him a twat...and what a twat, indeed.

          1. re: attran99

            That's a very good point, attran! Marcel did say that, didn't he? So much for "not watching".

            1. re: LindaWhit

              If someone calls you a "twat" on national television I'm pretty sure it'll get back to you pretty quickly.

              I feel bad for Marcel. Nobody has ever taken the abuse he took during his season. He was physically assaulted and the humiliation is constantly replayed. I'd be more then a little annoyed by the whole thing as well. I'm not saying he didn't act like a turd but can you imagine the uproar if Mike I jumped on Robin while she was sleeping and then put her into a full nelson so while others taped the incident and threatened to shave her head?

              1. re: KTinNYC

                Don't disagree with you, KT, BUT......if Marcel didn't want to be in the spotlight all the time, then as Fabio said to him - he could have refused to have been on this reunion show. Simple as that. Would the discussion still have happened? Yes, perhaps it might have. But Marcel wouldn't have to deal with it.

                (I'm not sure of the "her" you refer to in your last sentence...)

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  Sorry I went and corrected my incomplete thought. I was referring to Robin from the current season. There have been countless post about how poorly she has been treated but she has suffered little compared to Marcel.

                2. re: KTinNYC

                  Marcel didn't have to be on the reunion show. He chose to do that. That being the case, he could have acted like an mature adult. He chose not to do that.

                  Considering the civility and graciousness between Carla and Casey, he could have done better. Other people's behavior is never an excuse or a justification for being a jerk yourself.

                  Some people grow up. Others just get older.

                  1. re: chicgail

                    You're right be could have refused the invitation. But he's answered the question before. What are you suppose to say to someone when they ask you, "How did you feel about being assaulted?" How do you think it feels? He was attacked in his sleep by someone much bigger and stronger then him. If he was a woman people would be much more sympathetic.

                    1. re: KTinNYC

                      Come on, KT.

                      Anyone on the reunion show had to know that someone (in this case Fabio) was going to ask them about whatever happened to them during their season. And nothing during Marcel's season got more attention than the "attack."

                      Marcel is accountable for any good or bad behavior he demonstrated on his season and on the reunion reunion show. No one made him do anything. This "how do you think he feels?" stuff takes it out of the realm of his own responsibility and makes him nothing more than a victim -- then and now. No power in that. Certainly no maturity in that.

                      1. re: chicgail

                        I said I felt bad for him. It's to be expected that he gets asked the question but at some point it has to get old.

                        "This "how do you think he feels?" stuff takes it out of the realm of his own responsibility and makes him nothing more than a victim"

                        He *was* the victim. He was asleep and subsequently attacked. Being annoying does not allow people to physically assault you.

                        1. re: KTinNYC

                          I get where you are coming from. You feel sorry for him.

                          Poor Marcel. They were so mean to him. Mean on Season 4. Mean at the Reunion. Even mean on the message board.

                          Marcel is a victim by his own hand. Over and over and over again. It's a neat trick to be that nasty and a victim at the same time.

                          1. re: chicgail

                            Being mean is one thing but physical assault is another. If you can't see the difference then we'll have to agree to disagree.

                            1. re: KTinNYC

                              No question, KT, that the physical attack was out of bounds. I'm not justifying or apologizing for that. It was wrong.

                              But Marcel's behavior toward other people on the show was snide and unpleasant well before the physical attack and remained snide unpleasant two years later -- even with people who had nothing to do with it.

                              Based on what we have seen, he is combative and arrogant and keeps people at a distance with his attitude.

                              Do I feel sorry for him? Yes, but not because he was attacked. I feel sorry for him because he has no idea how difficult he makes his own life. He keeps people at bay with his comments and his attitude and then he feels sorry for himself because no one is on his side.

                  2. re: KTinNYC

                    It's very true that he could have heard it from somewhere, but since he claimed to not care about Season 5 so much, it was hypocritical of him to bring up the twat comment. Marcel could have chosen to take the high road and act respectable, but ended up proving that Stefan was right, and he is, indeed, a twat. He can't go on these TC reunion shows thinking that he won't be asked or forced to talk about what happened in Season 2...because if he does, that's just plain stupid. These shows are made for drama.

                    1. re: attran99

                      Not caring about the show (i.e., season 5) doesn't mean he shouldn't care about being called a twat. I don't see that as hypocritical. In any case, Stefan was joking and Marcel was joking, no one was serious. In contrast, if confronting someone makes that person a twat, then we should all just bow down to bullies.

                      1. re: Ericandblueboy

                        If he didn't care about the show, then he couldn't care less about the contestants on the show. Why even dignify their opinions of him by even bring it up? Seeing Stefan on the show, I wouldn't believe that he was joking. Stefan has been pretty candid in his remarks regarding other people and his opinions of them.

                        1. re: attran99

                          I guess you don't mind being slandered. Most people do care about their reputation, especially if the defamation comes from people they couldn't care less about. I believe Stefan said he was kidding, and Marcel said he was kidding, but the show is too boring for me to rewatch.

          2. Thought is was fun to catch up.

            The one part I did find odd was was when people were talking about how they were portrayed and Fabio seems to throw a fit. He gives some rambling speech 'off camera'. He threatens to walk off (implying that without him the show is over) if people don't move on. Then he sits down and starts asking questions about fights and really digs into the whole attack or Marcel. These questions essentially lead back to the conversation over which he threw a fit. Perhaps I missed something but it just seemed very odd.

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            1. re: Withnail42

              I think it had to do with the editing.

              He was asking Marcel some question and Marcel was munching on the dessert that Carla and Stefan had made. They then went to the hissy fit, some other stuff, then they showed Stefan and Karla talking about the dessert.

              1. re: Phaedrus

                At first, I thought Fabio's comments were quite random and incoherent. I couldn't tell how much of that was editing and how much was his English failing him under stress. However, I perservered and paid attention. By the end of his talk, he had made the best point of the show: "If you don't want to handle whatever questions the host throws at you, don't accept any invitations for future TC shows." I think Fabio was reacting to the fact that he was struggling in his role as a host, especially in his dealings with Marcel.

                There was an early uncomfortable conversation with (I think) Marcel when Marcel reacts with hostility to another question Fabio asked. The interchange devolved into a conversation about what constitutes a "conversation." Then, the question about the head-shaving incident during the meal prompted the hissy fit.

                I don't know what marching orders the Magic Elves gave Fabio about key questions to ask and what questions Fabio asked of his own volition. Admittedly, Fabio didn't ask these hot button questions with particular grace or soften the questions with a polished lead-in. However, these were clearly the questions that viewers wanted answered from Casey, Marcel etc.

                Bottom line: Marcel is pompous and delusional and has shown no personal growth since he first appeared on the show. Fabio doesn't come off unscathed either. He definitely needs coaching before he takes on any more hosting duties for TC.

                1. re: Indy 67

                  "If you don't want to handle whatever questions the host throws at you, don't accept any invitations for future TC shows."
                  I thought that was brilliant of Fabio to tell Marcel. And I think everyone else at the table was thinking the same thing, and appreciated his saying it to Marcel.

                  It bears repeating - Marcel is a putz.

                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    As a viewer, it was what I was thinking.

                    1. re: LindaWhit

                      I actually like Marcel. The picture I've gotten of him seems to be he just doesn't present well on camera. He said to Fabio in the 1st conversation he didn't want to rehash the drama and attack for the umpteenth time. And than Fabio pressed again. I'm going to assume that he very well may have accepted an invitation because he was told no one would question him.

                      I also thought there was something in their contracts that they HAVE to do these appearances, commercials, tours, etc? I know that Bravo gets a percentage of their earnings for so many years after the show. It's a pretty ridiculous contract they sign just to get on a reality show, for some exposure.

                      I'm surprised no one mentioned the drunk judges table appearance...THAT was funny. "Two words Leah....National Television"

                      1. re: sommrluv

                        I finally watched the rest of this and am surprised at the hate that Marcel gets from people. I was expecting him to be a total pain but I just didn't see it. I can see why he didn't want to get into that attack again (and thought Fabio's reaction was ridiculous). From people's comments, I thought Marcel must have said something really shitty to someone or pulled a fast one, but I ust didn't see it. I've got your back Marcel.

                        1. re: Joanie

                          I thought it was also really unfair to make Marcel discuss the attack with Ilan sitting right there. I thought Marcel had been trying really hard to be at least professional in dealing with Ilan, especially since they had to cook together, so to make him go over the incident while Ilan -- who was the main instigator, even though Cliff was the one who actually carried out the plan -- was sitting right next to him *smirking,* knowing that he got away with it, was pushing it waaaay too far.

                          1. re: sommrluv

                            I also thought there was something in their contracts that they HAVE to do these appearances, commercials, tours, etc? I know that Bravo gets a percentage of their earnings for so many years after the show.
                            You know that for a fact? (That Bravo gets a %age of their earnings for a set # of years after their season.)

                            And I would think that several years (3?) after their initial appearance on their season of TC, they wouldn't *have* to do these appearances if they chose not to.

                            1. re: sommrluv

                              >>He said to Fabio in the 1st conversation he didn't want to rehash the drama and attack for the umpteenth time. <<

                              I really don't think he has any say in that matter. I get the impression, since Fabio is not that great of an improviser that the questions have been predetermined and written out for Fabio. Marcel's pleas to the contrary can't dissuade the Magical Elves for their appointed mission, which is to hammer home the drama. I also think that he is pretty naive to think that he can talk his way out of talking about the attack.

                        2. re: Phaedrus

                          I also noticed that the food was out of order.

                          I just don't get what the hissy fit was about they were answering the questions that he (Fabio) was asking.

                      2. I missed the first 15 minutes of the show and only watch a little bit.
                        Based upon the chefs, I guess the premise was a get together of all the TC finalist? People missing were Stephanie and Hosea.

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                        1. re: dave_c

                          Not surprised Stephanie wasn't there, although I, for one, missed her. She's preparing for the opening of her new restaurant and holding "underground" dinners here in Chicago. Anyone know what's occupying Hosea's time?

                          Tiffany lost weight
                          Harold gained weight.
                          Richard is still a nice guy.
                          Marcel is still a creep.
                          Carla is a gracious, responsible adult.
                          Fabio is charming, but not yet an accomplished host.
                          By and large they were a group of attractive, talented professionals. Good for them.

                          1. re: chicgail

                            What's occupying Hosea's time? His sabbatical with Leah, I do believe. ;-)

                            1. re: chicgail

                              Oh, and Casey is still a self-centered bitch. After Carla was so gracious, Casey still had to whine about being the victim of the fallout from the Carla/Casey debacle. Even though Carla was the one who had everything on the line, it was still all about *Casey* at least in Casey's little mind. I thought Carla was an absolute saint the way she dealt with Casey at the reunion, especially after all the nasty things Casey said about her in the wake of the Season 5 finale!

                              1. re: chicgail

                                Edited to remove my more explcit dismay about the impulse to police bodies.

                              2. re: dave_c

                                Hosea may have been missing, but for me, he was not missed. One thing that struck me about Harold is how he hates the drama between chefs. I caught a brief comment from him saying can we talk about something positive. Earlier in the day, Bravo showed Season One vs. Season Two, and as Marcel was going off on his rap rant, Harold put him in his place, and told him to shut the blank up. I don't no way he keeps doing these specials, he seems put off by by the b/s, and I admire him for that.

                                1. re: James Cristinian

                                  I thought it was a tedious affair and the only bright spots were watching Blais, Hung and Harold cook. I've never been a fan of the "Fabio show" which seems to have been the one saving grace for most people.

                                  1. re: tofuburrito

                                    As with most of us, I think Fabio suffers when he is pressing, and I saw that in this show. I don't think he was as well prepared as he'd hoped to be, but he realized it a little too late. Fabio, in the kitchen, cooking and just saying things extemporaneously is hilarious.

                              3. I was hoping they would show more of the dinner and less of clips. But I guess the clips were necessary to refresh the viewer's mind about the antics. And we did see a couple of new ones like Toby and Marcel's fight.

                                Tiffany and Lisa seemed more likable. I even didn't want to throw anything at Ilan. It seemed that he has grown up a bit from the experience. Hung wasn't too bad -- but I never disliked him to begin with.

                                Marcel? Ugh! He totally has a Napoleon complex and is so uncomfortable in his own skin. This episode definitely showed his ugly side. One day I was actually walking at a street fair in NYC when I kept hearing this annoying guy prattle on and on about all the places he had worked at behind me. It was Marcel (and Hung)! I could see how the contestants got sick of him because they were locked up with him for days. Guy's got to learn some social skills.

                                And, Joanie, Lisa made it to the Final 3 in her season.

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                                1. re: Miss Needle

                                  Right. The apparently invited back all the finalists from each season: there were two in seasons one and two (Harold and Tiffany; Marcel and Illan); in seasons three through five there were three finalists (Casey, Dale and Hung; Stephanie, Lisa and Richard; Carla, Stefan and Hosea). Everyone showed except Stephanie and Hosea.

                                2. "Why did that have that break up the regular show at this point?"

                                  I thought I read on a previous TC post that Fabio was getting his own show on Bravo. Rumor or true?

                                  Maybe this is Bravo's attempt to spin-off Fabio by showcasing him in this episode... sort of like Joanie Loves Chachi from Happy Days.

                                  Fabio: "What is Chachi? You calling me Chachi? This is off camera."

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                                  1. re: dave_c

                                    Fabio: "What is Chachi? You calling me Chachi? Is that like hoochi? This is off camera."

                                  2. I only watched the first 10 minutes or so, decided it would have been much better if Marcel wasn't there, and didn't stick around to see anyone cook.

                                    Highlights during that beginning:

                                    Stefan greeting Fabio:
                                    F: Now I feel complete!
                                    S: You smell sexy, too.
                                    F: I got a shower. I knew you were coming, so I got a shower.

                                    Richard in competition mode, "I love it, I just want to cook. What's happening, why are we in *this* car, that's different, what's happening next, why is he here," and on and on and on -- for someone who never watched the show before his own season, he sure showed us a great thinker.

                                    Not highlight:

                                    Marcel went through the "I learned a lot about myself on this show" spiel, but if he did, he sure didn't learn people skills. When all the other "villians" (Tiffani, Hung, Stefan) looked at him like he was an 8-year-old that just made a rude noise during a state dinner, it's clear there won't be many people he's going to get along with in front of a Bravo camera. Ilan was way more likeable.

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                                    1. re: momjamin

                                      momjamin, i'm glad you mentioned Blais' rant/tangent/whatever you want to call it. that was hilarious! it was classic Blais, and pretty much the only segment i enjoyed watching.

                                      1. re: momjamin

                                        Marcel confuses me. You’d think if he was just a contrarian he’d blow everybody’s mind and be nice. Instead he gave the evil masters what they paid for. A dick.

                                        I was glad to see everybody, but how did so many of them age backwards? (Harold excluded) I’m guessing the lighting for this little do was a lot better than it was during the season tapings.

                                        I was relieved that there was no competition, even if Richard wasn’t. I thought it was great getting a hint of what goes through a cheftestant’s head when they are competing but I didn’t want to see a judge’s table.

                                        Fabio did a fine job considering the task he was handed. Only the most affable person could get away with such transparently manipulative and goading questions. He seemed a bit embarrassed, but golly, who wouldn’t be embarrassed to ask those questions of people you like

                                      2. I thought the show was enjoyable, but pointless. And, although I know Stephanie is busy in Chicago with her underground restaurant and getting ready to open her new place in January, I thought her absence left a gaping hole.

                                        1. I also found it boring, but I did enjoy the new clip we saw at JT. I had to watch the fight & Fabio's outburst twice. I didn't really understand it, I think it was the editing, and I also noticed the food out of order but didn't put 2 and 2 together to figure out it was dessert.

                                          It was nice to see some of the contestants had matured a lot since they competed, most noticeably Tiffany and Hung. On the flip side, and despite words to the contrary, Marcel didn't grow at all. He is still the little boy/baby he always was. Although the new clip at JT when Marcel yelled at TY left me wondering about Tom's reaction, I couldn't tell if he was rooting for him or utterly appalled.

                                          I did like Casey a little better by the end. However, I couldn't help but think if she really wants to know why people have a problem with her she should look to her comments after the show not to her performance during the finale.

                                          A couple of other things I noticed, Harold seems to be done with all of the TC drama and at times seemed like he didn't want to be there. I also noticed at the end of the dinner when they wrapped things up and everyone got up for a collective toast, hung didn't join in and instead stayed seated.....just made me go hmmmm.

                                          Lastly, the one thing that was interesting to me, was how some people have clearly benefited from TC and others not so much.

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                                          1. re: lizzy

                                            Harold was "done" with the drama from day one. He was always hanging back in his season, and would pull Stephen aside to try to get him to chill out.

                                            1. re: momjamin

                                              I agree. What I really should have said was, Harold seemed to be done with the whole dinner the second they were surprised with the knife block.

                                            2. re: lizzy

                                              I enjoyed the show for the most part. Marcel, not at ALL. What a spoiled, rude little toad. He needs to go away and do it quickly.

                                              Nice to see Stefan and Fabio's interactions again. They were always funny (my fav line is still, "I'm 30 years old and I have to sleep in the bunky beds.") Nice to see LIsa and Tiffany a little more humanistic - Tiffany's line about Stefan being "lesbiomniferic," or something to that effect was great.

                                              Hung seems to have grown up som and become a LOT more humble. Nice to see that. Still love Carla, Dale and Richard probably the best. I had forgetten a lot of the Ilan antics (and headwear. wtf??) And Harold was sort of "blah."

                                              All in all, an enjoyable show.

                                              1. re: rocks67

                                                Was it "Lesbian opportunivore"? The editor on Bravotv said that. It was something close...

                                                1. re: Ima Wurdibitsch

                                                  I think it was Lesbo-oppotuni-whore. At least, that's how I heard it.

                                                  1. re: kimmer1850

                                                    I knew something was off about what I had. Opportuniwhore is definitely how it ended.

                                              2. re: lizzy

                                                "I did like Casey a little better by the end. However, I couldn't help but think if she really wants to know why people have a problem with her she should look to her comments after the show not to her performance during the finale."

                                                Exactly what I was thinking.

                                                1. re: lizzy

                                                  Harold really seemed like he did not want to be there, so I'm wondering if perhaps it is contractual that they appear in a certain amount of these shows, or write blogs, etc. Just a thought.

                                                2. "Why did that have that break up the regular show at this point? "

                                                  Maybe they were afraid of having 2 weeks in a row vs the World Series? Not that one has anything to do with the other, but there were a few shows in re-runs last night that are mid-season. Just a thought? (Although I'm a Phillies fan and couldn't wait to turn off the game last night :(

                                                  And I too thought it was a bit boring, although fun to see some old familiar faces. Marcel acted as though he is a 10-yr old spoiled brat, arguing for the sake of arguing. And I wish that we would've seen more from Richard, he seemed to be skipped over for the more "controversial" chefs.

                                                  1. Agree that Marcel was a whiny toad. Would be happy to never see him again. I do wish they would have shown more about the food. The interaction was for the most part boring.

                                                    1. I wouldn't waste your time on it if you didn't already catch it. I thought it was a total snooze with almost zero food content.

                                                      It struck me as a very cynical cash-in by rehashing old, boring drama -- the stuff I like very least about the show. If the people were annoying on their own season, they were worse here.

                                                      I just hope Harold is healthy. He looks as though he's aged considerably -- a very, very old 32.

                                                      I did love seeing Carla again. That woman just makes me happy, and I didn't like how they seemed to want to goad her into addressing Casey's awful online tantrum about her. I was so pleased she simply refused the bait.

                                                      Dale's crab pierogi sounded truly dreadful (and Tiffani agreed). We barely got a glimpse of anything else anyone else prepared, but I wanted to know more about several of the dishes.

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                                                      1. re: dmd_kc

                                                        I know the crab pierogis didn't work out as Dale had planned, but I couldn't tell if Tiffani was joking or not.

                                                        1. re: lizzy

                                                          From Dale's reaction, it appeared like it was an inside joke.

                                                      2. Anybody have an online link to this episode?

                                                        1. I watched about ten minutes of it and turned off because DH was as bored as I was... shows like that are just space-filler.

                                                          1. i watched the opening, realized it wasn't a "regular" episode and moved on. since this is my first season watching TC, I really didn't care about a reunion of previous seasons cast members.