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Nov 4, 2009 09:23 PM

BLT Steak: PHX

Only a mini review, we sat on the patio overlooking the Camelback but too dark for pics.

BLT was fun.

Amuse was a rustic style chicken liver pate served with a crostini. At the time I thought why only one piece of toast but what came next was the reason.

Next was a popover. A really fun bread. Really airy. Almost reminded me of a Yorkshire Pudding. You then spread on butter and they give you sea salt to sprinkle on..They also provide the recipe for the popover which is kinda cool, so I might have a go at making them.

It is still the classic steakhouse style for the menu. Entrees are a protein only and then sides are separate.

I had the rib eye on the bone. One sauce was included free, so I got the peppercorn on recommendation. Sides of potato gratin and creamy spinach. My wife had the crab cake appetizer as her entree.

It was all really good. My steak was cooked really perfect. Especially the butchery of the meat was nice, I recently had a ribeye at Mastro's in LA and it was not trimmed as well. Steak tasted great on its own but the sauce was also good so I was alternating :)

Served with the steak was some beef marrow. This was a nice touch. Creamy, tasty, garlic and parsley.

Wife reported crab cake as good also.

Great view from the patio of the camelback, No heaters needed tonight, perfect weather.

BLT Steak
5402 East Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

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  1. I went this weekend, and I thought it was expensive, but a really nice experience...

    The restaurant is at Camelback Inn, which is gorgeous now that they've done renovations.

    We started with two delicious drinks outside the lounge by the fire (really tasty drinks, although a tad overpriced at $12/each). I had a fresh strawberry cosmo, and it was very light & refreshing - much better than the syrupy cosmos you usually get -- this was fresh juice and you could tell...

    At dinner, the chicken liver pate & bread was a nice complimentary offering, but I'm a vegetarian so I didn't take part in that. The cheese popovers and european butter were delicious... didn't need any of the sea salt to me!

    Wine list was expensive... food is all a la carte. A note on the music - I found it a little strange? I would expect soothing music, but it was loud and clubby -- at one point ,Thriller came on...ok)

    I don't have a monster apetite so I just had the beet/apple/endive/gorgozola salad, which was very good, I believe it had candied pecans as well. In addition, I ordered the rich creamy wild mushroom side dish - which sold me with the enoki mushrooms. This left just enough room for a delicious peanut butter mousse for dessert (which was denser than I expected, more like a pie than mousse). It had a canelle of banana ice cream on top. This dessert was really delicious, and very rich. We also received two tiny, fresh from the oven chocolate cookies, compliments of the chef. They were crispy and warm with melted chocolate in the middle -- I could have eaten 10, and it was a nice unexpected surprise!

    When our leftovers were brought out to us, the server noted that they tucked two more popovers in our bags... not sure if they do this all the time? But I was very happy about it!! It was just as delicious the day after.

    All in all, the meal was expensive, but it was a wonderful experience from the Camelback mountain sunset on the lounge patio to the well-run dinner service, which was excellent -- everyone we came in contact with was extremely friendly and gracious, the atmosphere was beautiful.

    I will definitely go back again!

    1. Just wanted to add that four of us recently enjoyed BLT Steak's new Happy Hour "$5 at 5" menu served from 5-7 pm. We'll definitely be back.

      Favorites were the Cuban sliders with pulled pork and queso (two to an order and so good we ordered two more), crispy fried oysters presented on the shell, and fried sausage-stuffed olives with remoulade (I could eat these all night). The pannini would have been much better with more filling (chevre and tomatoes).

      Loved the cocktail choices for $5 too - Sloe Berry Fizz, Strawberry Mule, Tequila Bramble, Desert Gin & Sin, though I only tried the delicious Blood Orange Old-Fashioned. And I've heard they may be adding one of my favorite classic New Orleans cocktails to the HH menu - the Corpse Reviver. I'll be there!

      Not on the HH menu, but BLT Steak also makes one of the best Sazeracs I've had in town. In fact, all the cocktails here at the Camelback Inn are top caliber, thanks to Beverage Director Trudy Thomas. I was VERY impressed and Camelback Inn has soared to one of my top spots for mixology and expertly crafted cocktails. In fact, we started with al fresco cocktails at the lobby bar (R Bar) where I loved the ginger-apple margarita made with reposado, and had a fabulous champagne cocktail with Fee Brothers' chocolate bitters. E's vanilla Old-Fashioned was also excellent. Happy hour at R Bar is 3-6 pm, and they also have live music 7-11 daily. I should add that we had great service, both at R Bar and the bar at BLT Steak.

      Friend's cocktail pic from R Bar:

      Trudy Thomas and cocktails:

      Happy Hour menu at BLT Steak:

      BLT Steak
      5402 East Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

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      1. re: Rubee

        I went to BLT this Wednesday for the Happy Hour. Upon ordering the $5 Blood Orange Old-Fashioned, it was promptly served in a VERY small glass. I looked at my buddy, who also ordered a happy hour drink and laughed. Since this was my first time to BLT, I am not sure if this was their normal sized glass, but I certainly wouldn't want to pay regular prices for that size. However, I was more amused than upset.

        Despite the drinkware, we both enjoyed happy hour. I ended up ordering a burger which was very good. They also gave me two popovers to take home to my very pregnant wife. All in all we had a great time.

      2. Oh, what the heck... I'll weigh in.

        My experience at BLT steak was considerably more uneven than others here. Setting aside price considerations, since they're a given to anybody reading here, I can't find much of a compelling reason to return.

        High water mark for the evening was the pate that others have mentioned, and though that's kind of a backhanded compliment, it's in earnest. It's very loose, served warm, with a very strong hit of cognac (I think). Loved it. Popovers were also enjoyable.

        Starters were weak. I admire salads that keep the focus on the greens, but the caesar was simply very underdressed. More troubling was the hamachi sashimi, which had the opposite problem. Though the accompaniments were tasty, the fish was completely lost in a sea of sauce. Having fished one slice out, swabbed it down and tasted it in mostly pristine condition, it seems to be a rather high quality fish. Pity it's so overwhelmed by everything else in the dish you can't taste it. Spread the same amount of sauce across -- no exaggeration -- eight plates of fish and... well... it might still be too much. But it'd be a lot closer.

        My ladylove's sole was on point if short of transcendent, while my rib eye (bone-in) was desperately seeking salt. I utilized the shaker that arrived with the popovers as best I could, but it's just not the same. Accompanying vegetables -- hash browns and asparagus for us -- were also very underseasoned, but took to the salt shaker much more readily. The hash browns were otherwise particularly nice, browned and crisp on the top and bottom, smothered with onions and almost approaching a naturally creamy consistency in the middle.

        At $75/head before dessert and booze, batting .500 isn't going to cut it. Especially when some issues were as much a matter of conception as they were of execution.

        Love that pate, though.

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        1. re: Dmnkly

          We went and had the happy hour appetizers this week outside by the firepit. We tried everything on the menu except the tartar as it didn't seem to fit in with casual dining around the fire.

          There were some good things but generally the flavours were a bit one note for me.

          You just can't beat the view of the Camelback though and the fire was nice so it was still good times.