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Nov 4, 2009 06:53 PM

Anthony Bourdain - 11/7 at U of M Theatre (and possibe Ann Arbor restaurant suggestions)

Just curious...I have tickets for "An Evening with Anthony Bourdain" on Saturday 11/7 at Michigan Theatre (8pm). Has anyone here ever been to one of these? I'm a big fan of his show, I was just wondering what to expect during the live session. Is it mostly him speaking, and then a Q&A session/book signing? Anyone else here going to be at the show?

Also, we plan to eat a nice late afternoon/early dinner before the show at 8:00. Any suggestions for the Ann Arbor area? I've never been to any restaurants in the area (we're from Grand Rapids, and have eaten at the Chop House here several times, which is about as nice as it gets in Grand Rapids..I see there is also a Chop House in Ann Arbor). We're going with another couple, but any suggestions would be great...Something around $100-125 bucks per couple (with a drink or two maybe) would be what we're looking for. No specific cuisine in mind, just something nice (dress-casual, no suits & ties!)

Thanks for any input you can provide!

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  1. Popular upscale restaurants in downtown AA, none more than about eight minutes on foot from the Michigan Theater (BTW, it's not affiliated with the U-M): Eve in Kerrytown Shopping Center (spicier, more contemporary), Logan, Chop House. New local-food place, the Grange, has gotten both raves and thumbs-down. A classic French-Italian place where you could also get appetizers early if you had people in your party who weren't too hungry would be the Earle on Washington--excellent wine list.

    1. Also, I highly recommend:
      ~Eve: in Kerrytown on 415 N 5th Ave. Complex yet simply great and an excellent wine list.
      ~Gratzi - Best Italian. The service & wonderful food ..& u feel like not venturing off Main St.
      ~The Earle Downtown: on Washinton under Sweetwaters coffee. Get a bottle of Cakebread Chardonnay and enjoy the genius duck!

      We're going tonight also to see Anthony, hopefully we'll have a chance to get something signed.

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      1. We went to see the Bourdain show as well. Ended up at Marnee Thai and then walked to the Michigan Theater. It was a home football game as well as Parents Weekend so most of the usual downtown restaurants were jammed with parents and students eating enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. (60+ degrees in November!)

        Dinner at Marnee was good, although the service was slow and the spicing of various dishes was uneven. Hope you found someplace delicious.

        To Natalie B & Momskitchen - I'm intrigued by your recommendation of Eve. I've been there three times now in the last three months and have been disappointed each time. Twice the kitchen has brought out the wrong dish, on two occasions we've had meat cooked to the incorrect temperature and every time we've dined there I've found the wine recommended by staff to be uninspired and/or a clash with the meal. (I will keep going if only to have the soup and the amazing bread & butter, but am reluctant to continue investing in expensive meals at dinner.)

        Marnee Thai Restaurant
        414 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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          I haven't been there in the last 3 months, but I did read that eve and her new partner Rick Halberg have now parted ways. I went over the summer for lunch though and it was good. They have always had a great wine list, though, so I am not sure what went wrong in your case. I don't go out for expensive dinners too much these days.

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            Good to know, and you're absolutely right about a good wine list. I think maybe I just need to make my own selections instead of letting the staff guide me. At least then I have no one to blame but me!

            I'm really excited about eating at nicer places for lunch - same great food but with a lower price tag! In this economy, every little bit helps, especially considering that I'm driving from Lansing to A2.

        2. so how was the bourdain event/show at u of m?

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            I went to the Bourdain show...very entertaining! In his two-hour chat he covered travel, food, being a good guest in a foreign country...lots of anecdotes, lots of laughs and no shortage of f-bombs.