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Nov 4, 2009 05:55 PM

Anyone been to Sazarac (sp?) in Asheville

Rooftop deck cocktail lounge with small plate food. Sounds like my kind of place. Hope to get there in the next week or two.

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  1. Where is it? Sounds wonderful.

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      1. re: bbqdawg

        planning on checking it out tomorrow as well as rankin cocktail lounge...if we go I will report back!

    1. Has anyone been yet? Just saw a brief write-up with photo in the Mountain Xpress, and it sounds promising. (Owners are from New Orleans.)

      1. I too am anxious to hear about this place. I can't seem to find a website or much information...

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        1. re: caiogirl

          OK...I swear we are going THIS Friday and I will report back! Website is - nothing there, really - says "coming soon."

          1. re: miss piggy

            You're right--the website is no help at all. The Mountain Xpress blurb says they are offering a full range of cocktails and a limited menu. Please let us know what you thought.

        2. I'm confused...we tried to go after the Art Studio Stroll on Saturday. We walked up and there were no signs, no lights and two disheveled people playing checkers in the court yard. It was about 4:00 on Saturday.
          We went to the location where the 2nd Old Europe, down the street from Zambra, where they had a small dance club at some (not the "old" Old Europe near the Grove Arcade). It was so strange, did I get the address wrong or what???

          Old Europe
          85 W Walnut St, Asheville, NC 28801

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          1. re: caiogirl

            I thought it was on Broadway in the old Sluder/Ambiance Interiors buildings. Across from Over Easy Cafe. Is this were you went?

            1. re: Leepa

              We drove around town Saturday evening and never saw it, either. Help, somebody!

              1. re: Jeff C.

                You guys were one street over. It's on the corner across from the former Hearn's bicycles, katty-corner from Mellow Mushroom. We went Saturday night just for drinks. It's a BEAUTIFUL space, we sat on the rooftop although it was getting a bit brisk, regardless of how warm Saturday was. No draft beers, a disappointment for the husband (and silly in a town like Asheville), but the cocktails list was very interesting...i had a french 75.

                The menu did not look impressive, I don't think I would try to make a meal there unless I hear otherwise from you guys. But it might be intersesting for nibbles (cheese plate, etc.) w/ cocktails.

                1. re: Jeff C.

                  We went on friday night. I don't remember Old Europe ever being in this location, but it is at 29 Broadway, across the street and catty-corner from Mellow Mushroom. I'll write a review in a few hours...rushing out the door now. But quickly...very cool bar, AWESOME drinks, interesting menu that is unlike any other in Asheville, in my opinion. Will write more later today!

                  1. re: miss piggy

                    Thanks, guys. Somehow we drove right by and still missed it. (No sign?)

                    1. re: Jeff C.

                      There is a brown awning with no sign but there are signs on both windows - a big S with "Sazerac" underneath, so it's marked. I'm sure they will get a sign on that awning. It is a very narrow space...basically just a loooooong bar with a few 2-seat tables along the other wall. As I recall the only place to fit more than 2 (other than at the bar, and who likes eating at the bar with a bunch of people?) was one L-shaped table at the back that would seat 6 or so. OR upstairs..there were only a handful of tables up there inside, plus plenty of tables outside on the rooftop bar (but it was cold so no one was up there). It is a beautiful space with a cool bar...just don't plan of going with a group if you want to talk to everyone in your party!

                      Like Danna, I was not blown away by the menu. For some reason nothing was really jumping out at me at something that I'd really want to try. This may be in part due to what I think is the standout at this place, and that is the fabulous cocktails. Justin, the redheaded bartender at Nova, is here now, and boy can he make a fine cocktail. The cocktail menu is a lot of fun, with updates on classics like Old Fashioned's and Mint Juleps. I too had the French 75 and i am already wanting to go back and get! It's 2oz of gin topped with fresh citrus juice and a glug of champagne to top it off. Delish. And potent! After a prior drink at the Rankin Vault, plus an Old Fashioned at Sazerac and the French 75 I was not exactly thinking clearly!

                      It is a unique menu, however - nothing else really like it in Asheville, I think. Very French/New Orleans. Escargot, frog legs, crab and brie soup, etc. A section with pressed sandwiches on brioche. Avocado stuffed with crab salad and a shrimp remoulade salad. A few entrees (all around $15, I think?) incl etoufee and a petit filet. We had a pate app trio plate that was good but they really skimped on the garnishes - cornichons, local mustard (really just a decorative smear) and only about 5 tiny pieces of brioche. We asked for more of all. The people next to us had a sausage trio plate that looked basically the same but with sausage instead of pate. Honestly, no one else was eating...all drinkers. So I guess I really can't vouch for the food, but if you like this kind of cuisine, I'd definitely give it a try.

                      We did need to eat after all that cocktailing so we headed to a T & T, Zambra, and let me just say...I know we've all been hyping up the Admiral and their small plates, and I did not realize Zambra had upped their portions, but Zambra on Friday definitely could have stood its own against the Admiral. 3 specials - bluefish, scallop and fried mirliton stack, plus their tasty bread and olive oil - were all fabulous. No wait, awesome live music, great service...I still love this place!

                      1. re: miss piggy

                        And I STILL (after living here nine years) have yet to try it! (It's now at the top of my restaurant "to-do" list.)

                        1. re: Jeff C.

                          WHY???? haven't you tried it in 9 years? I rarely get to eat dinner (always lunch) in Asheville and have really had to rearrange some plans and waste some gas to go to the Admiral lately, but if I lived in Asheville, I would mainly just go back and forth between Zambra and Admiral for dinner. I can't understand not trying it. do you have a nay-saying SO? a childhood tappas-trauma? ;-)

                          1. re: danna

                            Sadly, I have no legitimate excuse, Ms. Danna. As for childhood culinary traumas, the only thing I can think of is my (working) mom used to serve us those horrid Banquet individual frozen pot pies several times a week. (Does that count as hillbilly tapas?)

                            I hereby vow to get myself (and my spouse) to Zambra forthwith!

                            1. re: Jeff C.

                              Hillbilly Tapas! I think you've hit on a new restaurant concept. I'm invisioning tiny, nicely garished banana and mayo sandwiches and a small plate of those weiners people serve in grape jelly sauce.

                              Get yer a$$ to Zambra and order off the specials menu. Give somebody else a chance at a table at the Admiral for a change ;-) (we called at 3:45 Sat. and were able to score a 5:00 table. those who came in 30 minutes later sans ressie were not so lucky.)

                              1. re: danna

                                We were at The Admiral again on Saturday, too. Ignored my own advise re the necessity of reservations and had to eat in the "lounge" (front corner) for my stupidity. (Never again--those seats are h-a-r-d!)