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Nov 4, 2009 02:57 PM

Looking for great ramen

We really like the homemade ramen at Yosaku on Wisconsin Ave. in upper NW. Would like suggestions for other places with really good ramen.

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  1. What style of ramen do they serve at Yosaku?

    The broth at Ren's Ramen in Bethesda is the best I've had in the area. It is a Sopporo miso ramen, though they have shoyu ramen as well.

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    1. re: Steve

      Yosaku has both Shoyu ramen and miso ramen.

    2. are you saying that Yosaku has really good ramen? Compared to what?

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      1. re: Ericandblueboy

        I've had it at places that buy the ramen from a supplier. Yosaku makes their own and there's a big difference. Now I'd like to try other places that make it in-house. Will try Ren's.

        1. re: hibye

          Having schlepped all the way from Downtown in the rain for house made ramen, I was disappointed to hear the waiter tell me it was not true.

      2. The only place I've had ramen in the DC area is at Temari in Rockville. Really good stuff, but I only have other ramen places in Boston to compare it to (pretty good in comparison). Temari is one of my favorite restaurants.

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        1. re: ineemeeny

          Do try the miso ramen at Ren's Ramen in Bethesda.

          1. re: woodleyparkhound

            Sorry to hijack, but do you guys know any ramen places closer to Baltimore?

        2. i'm waiting for wagamama in pq to open...

          1. Great ramen much like great BBQ cannot be found in DC. Still go to get on a plane.

            I've found pretty good ramen in NY (not too far) but the best ramen I've had is was in SF, Santa Ramen, just spectacular.