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Nov 4, 2009 02:40 PM

Help me find a GOOD Bakery on the North Shore

Just came back from a vacation in Europe and I could not believe how much better fresh baked bread is there.So I am curious if others have noticed this difference as well. Does anyone know of any really good bakeries around the Salem, MA area? I am specifically looking for european style bakeries and ones that focus on bread and not pasteries. I am a big fan of the italian pastry shoppes in the north end, but thats not what I am looking for here. Thanks for the help.....

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  1. A&J King Bakery in Salem. Better than some I've been to in Europe.

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      Here is a review and a photo of their croissants:

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        Does A&J King distribute their breads to any retail outlets in Boston/Cambridge? I'd love to try the bread but don't get out to Salem much.

        1. re: bella_sarda

          Taken from their web site, these are all their retail outlets. Looks like they are all North Shore.
          The Coastal Greengrocer – Ipswich
          Common Crow Natural Foods – Gloucester
          Cornerstone Books – Salem
          The Fruitful Basket – Beverly Farms
          Grapevine Restaurant – Salem
          Green Meadows Farmers Market – Hamilton
          Henry’s Market – Beverly
          Marblehead Chowder Co. – Marblehead
          New Meadows – Topsfield
          The Northey Street House B&B – Salem
          The Peabody Essex Museum – Salem
          Shubie’s Market – Marblehead
          Tiger Lily Catering - Beverly
          Whole Foods Market – Swampscott
          Zumi’s Espresso and Ice Cream – Ipswich

          Coastal Greengrocer
          55 Market St, Ipswich, MA 01938

          Marblehead Chowder Co
          10 Bessom St, Marblehead, MA 01945

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            thanks. Looks like it's worth the trip to Salem, which isn't that far anyway. If they're selling to Whole Foods in Swampscott, others can't be far behind, although I just checked the website too and they said they're not taking new wholesale customers at this point. they must be doing well. I wonder how they will compare to Clear Flour, B&R, etc.

            1. re: bella_sarda

              A&J is amongst the top tier of Boston bread bakeries, period.

              I imagine the reason they are limiting wholesale is their bakery itself is not huge along the lines of an Iggy's, etc. Though Iggy's started small too...

      2. A&J King in Salem and Annarosa's Bakery in the Tannery Mall in Newburyport, MA are the two finest artisan bakeries on the North Shore that I know about.

        1. I am a major fan of excellent breads and feel very lucky to live in boston , home to the superb Iggy's breads. I too agree with the excellence of A&J's product. I was very impressed with their bread when I first had it a few months ago at Soma restaurant in beverly. Now I'll make a point of visiting and getting some other things.

          1. mamadou's artisan bakery - winchester ma

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              Annarosa's in Newburyport, especially for the croissants and pain au Levain; Mamadou's in Winchester,

              1. re: phonelady

                wow I stopped in there yesterday...what GREAT BREAD!!! I'm going BACK!

                1. re: sinned61

                  Yes, also a big fan of Mamadou's. Some of the best bread I've had in Boston, not just the North Shore.

              2. Yep, I've got to concur with everyone else here. A&J King are really worth checking out, both their breads and their specialty items are top-notch.