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Nov 4, 2009 02:04 PM

Best food blogs/restaurant review websites? [from UK/Ireland Board]

with the constant popping up of new restaurants, foodshops, pubs, food trends i'm sure among you foodies must be some websites that you go to frequently!

I'm more interested in reviews of restaurants in London, written from a point of view rather than going through reviews after reviews on random websites...

i'm a huge fan of david lebovitz writing about paris, its food cultures, restaurants, trends etc, anything similar for london?

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  1. Well, not living in the south east means I only need to dip into London site either for a good read or for planning my eats on infrequent trips to the area.

    Of the discussion boards, I obviously look at Chowhound (although I use egullet much more extensively for everywhere else in the country).

    For blogs, I always enjoy reading Dos Hermanos.

    For general reviews by punters, then London-eating and TopTable. And for an individual view, I like Andy Haylor's site.

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      London has a huge food blogging community right now. Many are simply amateur hobby-bloggers who love to eat, but others are hugely talented and have gone on to write for national newspapers and pro food sites. I'm sure the moderators will delete or move this post but here's some blogs to check out when you're bored. There's millions I know but you can just pick out the ones you like:

      a forkful of spaghetti; A Girl Has To Eat; A Life Worth Eating; a rather unusual chinaman; An American in London; An Australian Eats In London;
      Andy Hayler; Around Britain with a Paunch; bellaphon; Cheap Eats in London; Cheese and Biscuits; Dos Hermanos; eat like a girl; Essex Eating; Food Snob; Food Stories; foodrambler; Gastrogeek; gen.u.ine.ness; Gourmet Chick; Hollow Legs; Laissez Fare; London Chow; London eater; londonelicious; Love Food Love Drink; Not another big menu; om nom London; Pig Pig's Corner; Randomness Guide to London; Ripe London; Silverbrow on Food; Tales From the Tip of my Tongue; Tamarind and Thyme; tasty treats!; The Arbuturian; The boy done food; The English can eat; The Epicurean; The Ginger Gourmand; The Lambshank Redemption; The London Foodie; The London Word; thecattylife; this edible life; Thring for Your Supper; Travels With My Fork; TwelvePointFivePercent; Very Good Taste; World Foodie Guide; Young & Foodish; Greedy Diva

      TimeOut's food section is very good, and I would also recommend Foodepedia, Good for Lunch, and View London for professional reviews.

      As Harters has said, for user reviews your best bets are london-eating, toptable, yelp, qype and trustedplaces.


      1. re: DollyDagger

        Yep. Forgot TimeOut - one I always look at by way of "professional" reviews.

        1. re: DollyDagger

          Wow, that's an amazingly comprehensive list. Thanks!