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Nov 4, 2009 01:31 PM

Cash only eateries

Mrs. OC and I stopped for a sandwich at lunchtime today When I went to pay my $21.00 check, I handed my VISA checkcard to the cashier. She said "Sorry we are strictly cash only."
I pointed out that there was no sign to that effect and she said "Well we do not advertise credit cards at all." Am I wrong to feel that I should have been warned, or should I have looked for the credit card stickers?

We ate in a diner yesterday, and as you entered there was a large sign that said "Sorry we are cash only" I did know that before hand which was lucky. I was footing the bill for 14 people.

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  1. I prefer to be notified up front as well - credit cards are so common these days, and I do not always see the credit card stickers.

    1. I always consider being able to use credit cards as a privilege and not a consumer right. Just because the use of it is so common does not make it wrong to not put a big sign right at the door. One can argue that it is only beneficial to the businesses, especially restaurants, to accept credit cards. I guess you can always go get cash and return to pick up your sandwich, but not quite the same when you finished dinner with 14 other people. Small businesses are literally eaten up by all these bank transaction fees.

      Have you ever thought of the possibility that NONE of your credit cards work for whatever reason? It happened to my boyfriend once.

      1. Most places seem to understand that cash only is unexpected, and some of us need to plan for it. I personally seldom carry much cash - my budget and record keeping fares much better using plastic.

        Places that don't have mention of this (sign and/or menu notation) will keep having "situations" that take time away from the rest of business and create discomfort for those caught unaware.

        1. My mother was in Virginia attending a wedding last year and the restaurant where they had the rehearsal dinner did not accept credit cards - and there was no warning. They weren't told when the reservation for 25 was made and there were no signs in the restaurant. Even between them they didn't have enough cash to cover it. The restaurant took a personal check from one of the Maryland family members.

          1. Well, if a restaurant has this policy and doesn't announce it, they'd better be prepared to accept IOU's.