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Nov 4, 2009 12:40 PM

St-Viateur Bagels in Toronto?

Their website says that several Metro locations carry them, does anyone have any sightings to report and comments on freshness?

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  1. I see them from time to time at both the Gould and Dalhousie location (by Ryerson) and the one at Church and Front. That said, I bought them once and had to chuck them as they were quite stale DESPITE the fact that they were just put on the shelf. Best to just wait until you're in Montreal...

    1. I have to agree with Pink. I have a branch office in Mile End, just 2 blocks from St Viateur, so I bring back a couple dozen every trip and freeze them.

      There's nothing really *fresh* from Montreal in town. People may be bringing them in, but not warm off the truck....

      That said, there are some decent Montreal-style bagels in town. Just not St. Viateur. Summerhill bakery/market, right beside the LCBO, has some fresh ones usually, but they can be hit and miss.

      1. I purchased them from the Metro at Don Mills & Lawrence recently. They were not the freshest, and for that price (can't remember, but it wasn't cheap), I wouldn't buy them again. Actually, even if they were 10 cents each, I wouldn't buy them again. Really not doing anything good for St. Viateur's brand image, alas, since this was my first, and only, experience with their bagels.

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        1. re: Full tummy

          That's a shame because a fresh St. Viateur bagel is a thing of beauty. I brought some home last weekend on the train but even by the time I got back they were past their peak.

          1. re: ms. clicquot

            IMHO St. Viateur bagels are not so much a thing of beauty, so much as an almost thing of beauty made quite close-by a thing of beauty.

          2. re: Full tummy

            I ordered them from their website this week and couldn't be happier. Oredered them at about noon on Tusaday-showed up at my door at about noon yesterday via puralator. Shipping is $14, but for 6 dozen, half popy, half sesame the total was $54. Only about $3 bucks more than montreal bagel house. Through them righ into the freezer and had one toasted for breakfast this morning. Way lighter and chewier than MBH and I don't have to deal with the crowds and very average service/parking. Will definately order them on a regular basis.

            1. re: robb

              What I like best is a fresh bagel that doesn't need to be toasted to be enjoyed. Is that how yours were, on arrival?

              1. re: Full tummy

                No-had to toast. I actually prefer all bagels except for bagel world bagels toasted anyways. Definately baked Tuesday-received Wednesday. Toasted up light and crispy and delicious. Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow!!

                1. re: robb

                  Have you eaten a montreal bagel out of the oven? Toast got nothin'.

                  1. re: mikefly

                    You are right about that. But, to each his own, I suppose...

          3. The Bagel House on Avenue Rd produces the most authentic Montreal bagel in the GTA.

            Chopped liver redolent with fried onions and peppery potato knishes should be sampled

            Nirvana for Levesque refugees


            Bagel House
            1548 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

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            1. re: toronto guy

              Me thinks you've been away from La Belle Province a little too long as these bagels are average at best and although I've never tried the chopped liver, I can't imagine, nor have I ever noticed anyone odering it. I would seriously question it's freshness and be very cautious!!

              1. re: robb

                I usually make a trip to Montreal every few months or so and do the same--I slice them though before I put them in the freezer so it's easy to toast them right out of the freezer. I'm always so surprised how fresh they still taste when you do this.

                Anyway, I have a theory about these single products and how they're made, be they bagels, hamburgers, donuts, whatever. I'm going to try to articulate it as best I can: If you have ever made ALOT of one product, you get into this kind of rhythm, it's almost magical--where it just takes on a life of itself. Best way to describe it is like a well-seasoned grill. Nothing you make at home will ever taste as good as something cooked on there. So I think these places that make hundreds, even thousands of one product, in this case bagels, they get into this groove of perfection. St. Vitateur is busy. All the time pretty much (as is Fairmount) and you can't beat or even compare the freshness and talent of these two places to anything in Toronto. And I'm not from there, but I can tell the difference. Gryfe's would be the closest to describing this same type of magic those spots enjoy, but a different kind of bagel.

                1. re: Restaurant Dish

                  Yummy Gryfe's bagel. Warm at Fiesta Farms in the morning.

                  I like your theory..

                  Mine is not to buy Montreal bagels or Montreal smoked meat outside of Montreal.

                  Fiesta Farms
                  200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

                  1. re: mikefly

                    me too - i've tried all the montreal style bagels in toronto (almost all - i haven't yet been to the bagel place on roncesvalles) and none of the made me want to go back. we go to montreal twice a year, and before we do, we make sure to clear out the freezer to make space for two dozen bagels. we also have to pick up bagels for several friends, so basically the whole back seat is taken up with bagels:)

            2. The original comment has been removed