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Nov 4, 2009 11:29 AM

Cocochine(?) - CGY

Has anyone been to the new Vietnamese restaurant on 17 Ave & 33ish St SW? I think it's called Cocochine but a Google search came up with nothing.

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  1. JG wrote about it in Sunday's Herald- looks a bit more upscale than most Viet places in town.

    1. I stopped in on Sunday for a quick Pho before my night shift. The restaurant is very nice and the service was excellent. I was in a hurry and could only glance quickly through the menu but what I saw I liked. There is this coconut milk crepe that I am going back for soon ! It does seem a little more upscale than most Viet. restaurants but the prices were decent. I had the shrimp potstickers and a beef pho . cost was 14. And the potstickers were a large shrimp, wrapped in shrimp paste then wonton then sauted. Yummy!

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      1. re: beekeroc

        "There is this coconut milk crepe that I am going back for soon"

        banh xeo is a pretty common viet dish, and when made correctly, it's amazing. I'll have to drop in to try it out.

        1. re: marcopolo

          Please do and let us know how it is. My favourite Banh Xeo in Calgary is the one at TNK in the NE. It comes with so much fresh herbs there.

          Although Cocochine is only a few blocks from me so probably worth the visit...

          1. re: foodkarma

            wow, if you're only a few blocks from cocochine, TNK is quite the trek! i haven't tried their's either, but if i'm ever in the neighbourhood...

            1. re: marcopolo

              So I finally tried Cochinchine tonight - the decor is definitely more upscale than any Viet restaurant I've been to. The service was also amazingly great. The servers were polite and chatted with all five tables seated around me.

              The food was decent... I had the spring rolls and bun bo hue. The spring rolls were pretty good - reminded me of the kind you get at Sunny's in Chinatown. I'll admit the bun bo hue is better at TNK or Pagolac (Edmonton). However both are a lot further from me than Cochinchine.

              In comparison to other Vietnamese restaurants around my area - Pho Huong Viet and CoDo, I think I prefer Cochinchine a lot more. Will definitely go back. Incidentally, I heard two other tables around me echo the same comments to the servers.

          2. re: marcopolo

            Thanks for that link Marco, now I'm dying to back and try them!

        2. For anyone trying to look up info the full name and contact info is:

          La Cochinchine
          130 - 3220 17 Avenue Sw, Calgary, AB T3E 0B3
          (403) 452-9696

          1. Yep, its at 32nd street and 17th ave SW.

            That location is a retail black hole. Many moons ago (10 years...maybe more like 12-13 years) that used to be a Harvey's Restaurant. Then it was a sports pub, and then another sports pub, and then it just sort of sat for a while.

            I will be pulling for the new business in that location. Hopefully they make it

            1. The decor and atmosphere are definitely the best of the Vietnamese places I've been to in Calgary. As stated by others, the service was also very, very good.