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Nov 4, 2009 11:26 AM

The Lodge in Charlotte - anyone been?

From the guy who brought us Mac's and Bonterra. I can't find a menu on-line. TIA!

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  1. I haven't eaten a meal there yet, but my husband and I had a drink and fried pickles last week. The staff seems friendly and the pickles were good. I hope it does well - it's the third restaurant to occupy that spot in the five years Colony Place has been open! Sorry I can't remember another thing on the menu.

    1. I haven't eaten there, but Creative Loafing did a review of it that listed a lot of menu items:

      1. We go every once in a while and it's okay. Seems every time I'm there I see Ric Flair at the bar which for some reason makes me laugh. The burgers are good. Decent fish tacos. It's always crowded. It's the first business in the space to do well since the shopping center opened. But if I'm over there and not looking to drink, I'm much more inclined to get sushi at Mai or Chinese at Tomi.

        1. Go on Monday and get the meatloaf with mashed potaoes and mac & cheese. The meatloaf is barbequed and is outstanding. The burgers are real good too. Try the Kobe sliders.

          1. The menu seems to have changed. The au jus sandwich and the calamari are gone. The burgers are really good and they'll serve them medium rare. Ric Flair was there, so I got my chuckle. I'd say the biggest risk to this business right now is complacency. It's so busy, lines are consistently out the door despite several other good options in the same shopping center (I'm hoping they're all benefitting from this). We sat up front and were served by the bartender. Very nice guy, but he didn't write down our order and as a result got it spectacularly wrong. It took him and another server to straighten everything out and they wound up giving us a lot of freebies as a result and we got our meals at different times. And there were just three of us. Not a huge deal but it was an inconvenience that will make me hesitate to go back anytime soon. The devil is always in the details.