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Nov 4, 2009 11:12 AM

leftover mascarpone - what to do?

After making some quince, mascarpone, and honey pizzas this weekend, I have been left with a bunch of mascarpone cheese and a loss of ideas of what to do with it.
My kitchen is pretty well stocked with staples, and I'd love to be able to throw something together using them, not having to go out and buy any unusual ingredients. I work long hours, so I have limited time, and would love some suggestions of easy recipes that will keep this mascarpone from going to waste. Please send me your ideas!

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  1. add it to polenta after it is cooked.

    1. Marscapone is good in everything. You can add it to simple scrambled eggs, spread it on toast.

      Add it to macarone and cheese.

      Use it in a gravy instead of cream.

      Mix it with herbs, parm, goat, and blue cheeses and serve as a spread.

      Poach pears in red wine and cinamon and put the marscapone in the middle where the core was.

      Marscapone makes everything better.

      1. I have used a recipe from Giada De Laurentiis (Food Network) which adds mascarpone cheese to store-bought cake mix for cupcakes. A bit blasphemous for those of us who love to bake, but they turned out great - moist and delicious. My other suggestion would be a cheesecake. I've never tried it with this cheese but I've seen alot of recipes around. Have fun!

        1. if you have roughtly 4 oz. left, you should make these cookies. they are very tasty, even without the icecream, and they keep for a long time.

          your pizza sounds divine. i'll try that this week. regular pizza dough?

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            yes, I made a whole wheat dough - yeast, olive oil, white flour, wheat flour, salt, water. I used most of the dough for savory pizzas, but made two small ones with quince, mascarpone and drizzled honey over it. It turned out to be very delicious!

            Those cookies look amazing! While everyone's suggestions so far sound delicious, I may have found a recipe to try tonight - maybe I'll try them with the pumpkin ice cream I made last week

          2. Add it to a pasta sauce to make it creamy. I just did this with some sautéed mushrooms. Delicious. I'm thinking another possibility would be smoked salmon, chives, mascarpone...

            Let it come to room temperature and spread on scones with a dollop of jam. Please don't anyone accuse me of sacrilege, but the flavour of Mascarpone reminds me somewhat of Devon cream.

            In quiche, frittata, or scrambled eggs.

            In mashed potatoes.

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            1. re: Full tummy

              Not sacrilege at all! When I hosted a fancy tea party last year I put out bowl of fabulous fresh mascarpone instead of Devonshire cream for the scones.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                Oh, thank you (phew!!). Good to know I'm not the only one who noticed a similarity between the two. Just don't do it in Italy or England, I suppose!!!