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Looking for a great cheese shop! FFLD/lower Westchester

Hi All,
Ive just returned from France and Im depressed. Our cheese selection is abysmal here.
Anyone know of a great cheese shop or gourmet shop with a selection worth visiting? I know about the one in Goodwives shopping center in Darien...eh. Anything else?

125 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY

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  1. small one in pound ridge called plum i think. right on the main drag.

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      hmm..thanks. The Darien shop is good for the area, but they didnt have 2 cheeses I was looking for and expected them to have. I wish we could get unpasteurized cheese.

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        They - Darien - sometimes get special cheeses around the holidays. Ask the owners (they're super friendly) if there is something specific that you want. I personally find that they have the best selection in the area. If anyone thinks otherwise, please let me know!!!


    2. Auray in Larchmont is exactly what you need...trust me!

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        a-HA! My French boss mentioned a shop in Larchmont but he couldnt remember the name. Thank you.

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          Thirding the rec for Auray although agree it's pricey but until Fairway is here a good option.

      2. iron tomato in w.p. very pricey but interesting selection, then whole foods or auray, and if you can hold out til the next batch ripens (early next year) fairway in pelham, or even now just run down to 125th street to fairway, well worth the trip, especially as holidays approach

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          There's a Fairway in Pelham???? I've been driving to Red Hook all this time!!??

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            Fairway isn't open yet, is it?

            Auray is pricey but they have excellent selections, especially at its new location.

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              Yes Fairway on Post road in Pelham Manor is open and its a zoo. Dont bother.

          2. if you're willing to travel, you have two options to the north...

            Olive Market in Georgetown and the new cheese shop (can't recall the name) at Copps Hill Common on Route 35 in Ridgefield (same shopping center as Ross Bread and Southwest Cafe)

            Not sure if either has what you're looking for, so it might be worth calling before driving.

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              Hungrykids assuming you mean Georgetown CT? I live in Norwalk so thats not bad at all. Thanks everyone! If you have more keep em coming~

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                Yes (sorry) - Georgetown, CT. The Olive Market is on Main Street (just off Route 57) a little past the Georgetown Saloon on the opposite side of the street.

                Georgetown Saloon
                8 Main St, Redding, CT 06896

            2. I really like the new Fairfield Cheese Company in Fairfield - they also carry fresh bread from Isabel et Vincent and t's right next to Harry's wine so you can do one stop shopping.

              1. Not a fan of the Darien cheese shop - - the selection was smaller than I had hoped and the prices were higher than I had hoped.
                The Fairfield Cheese Company is OK, but for my money (and selection) I like Mirabelle Cheese Shop in Westport. It is located at 190 Main Street in a little plaza just past all the other "foot traffic" shops on Main St.
                A full website should be coming soon, but here is their homepage:

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                  I think the Darien cheese shop is an absolute gem. The quality, care and thought that goes into their selection is outstanding and far above and beyond any other fromagerie in the vicinity. Not only are they recognised nationally as a leading cheesemonger (with many U.S. artisan cheesemakers lauding them as the best in the entire country...and I'm not exaggerating when I say that) their international network and reputation is superb. If you know what you are after you will find that they have some of the most sought after artisan cheese in the world. Finally, the service is outstanding and Ken the owner one of the most knowledgable people you will ever meet on the subject of cheese. And all to be found in the goodwives mall in Darien...incredible really. As a lover of fine cheese, I for one feel very very lucky living close to them.

                2. There is a new cheese shop about to open in Bronxville. It will be on Pondfield Road near the hair salon Continentale. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

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                      It is open and it is really good. But it is probably a hike from Norwalk. Yikes!

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                        What have you gotten there that you liked?

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                          We bought some Valdeon.... which has eluded me since I moved here two years ago... and another spanish cheese called Montenebro. They also let us try Manchego, Parmesan, and Mahon (another spanish cheese). This is the real deal without driving to Larchmont or Whole Foods (which I have not been to so I can't say even they would have this stuff). I have had things like DiSiccos recommended to me and while they have a nice store, the cheese department is nowhere near this calibre.

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                            Ooh, Valdeon! I saw it the other night at the Whole Foods in Greenwich. Good stuff =)


                            Whole Foods
                            905 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020

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                              That sounds great! Can't wait to try it when I'm home in December! Maybe a local source for the Christmas stilton??!!

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                                I am pretty sure they would have Stilton being from Scotland and all. They seem to have a good selection from all the major cheese making countries.

                    2. There is a cheese shop called Mirabelle on Main St in Westport- and the new Fresh Market has some nice cheeses that the local competitors like Balducci's don't carry.

                      Main St Cafe
                      6 N Main St, New City, NY 10956