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Nov 4, 2009 11:05 AM

Looking for a great cheese shop! FFLD/lower Westchester

Hi All,
Ive just returned from France and Im depressed. Our cheese selection is abysmal here.
Anyone know of a great cheese shop or gourmet shop with a selection worth visiting? I know about the one in Goodwives shopping center in Anything else?

125 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY

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  1. small one in pound ridge called plum i think. right on the main drag.

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    1. re: poppy

      hmm..thanks. The Darien shop is good for the area, but they didnt have 2 cheeses I was looking for and expected them to have. I wish we could get unpasteurized cheese.

      1. re: lovesublime

        They - Darien - sometimes get special cheeses around the holidays. Ask the owners (they're super friendly) if there is something specific that you want. I personally find that they have the best selection in the area. If anyone thinks otherwise, please let me know!!!

    2. Auray in Larchmont is exactly what you me!

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      1. re: MRS

        a-HA! My French boss mentioned a shop in Larchmont but he couldnt remember the name. Thank you.

        1. re: lovesublime

          Thirding the rec for Auray although agree it's pricey but until Fairway is here a good option.

      2. iron tomato in w.p. very pricey but interesting selection, then whole foods or auray, and if you can hold out til the next batch ripens (early next year) fairway in pelham, or even now just run down to 125th street to fairway, well worth the trip, especially as holidays approach

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        1. re: rich51

          There's a Fairway in Pelham???? I've been driving to Red Hook all this time!!??

          1. re: mswestchester

            Fairway isn't open yet, is it?

            Auray is pricey but they have excellent selections, especially at its new location.

            1. re: anonymouse1935

              Yes Fairway on Post road in Pelham Manor is open and its a zoo. Dont bother.

          2. if you're willing to travel, you have two options to the north...

            Olive Market in Georgetown and the new cheese shop (can't recall the name) at Copps Hill Common on Route 35 in Ridgefield (same shopping center as Ross Bread and Southwest Cafe)

            Not sure if either has what you're looking for, so it might be worth calling before driving.

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            1. re: hungrykids

              Hungrykids assuming you mean Georgetown CT? I live in Norwalk so thats not bad at all. Thanks everyone! If you have more keep em coming~

              1. re: lovesublime

                Yes (sorry) - Georgetown, CT. The Olive Market is on Main Street (just off Route 57) a little past the Georgetown Saloon on the opposite side of the street.

                Georgetown Saloon
                8 Main St, Redding, CT 06896

            2. I really like the new Fairfield Cheese Company in Fairfield - they also carry fresh bread from Isabel et Vincent and t's right next to Harry's wine so you can do one stop shopping.