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Nov 4, 2009 09:46 AM

Best Sushi (London, Ontario)

I've recently relocated to London and I'm wondering if anyone has tips as to where to get really good Sushi here.

I'm not expecting perfect shari....but a decent selection of good quality fish is a must and real wasabi would be awesome (think Zen or Solo Sushi Ya in the GTA). I know its probably too much to hope for a place like that in London...but still if anyone has recommendations please send them my way! :)

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  1. Hey Torontogirl85,

    My personal favourite place for sushi in London is Shiki (715 Wellington Road). I'm not sure about Toronto, but I used to live in Montreal and Shiki stacks up decently well with the better places there. I've heard that they get fish shipments on Wednesday, so you may want to go them for the freshest possible experience. They also have a fairly extensive menu of non-sushi items, which I personally appreciate.

    I also like Taika (500 Oxford Street West), and I've also heard very good things about Shogun (1170 Wellington Road) though I haven't made it there myself.

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      Shiki is also my favourite place for sushi in London. The sushi is close to the quality of the sushi found at mid-level sushi restaurants in TO. I'd still say that somewhere like Japango or Nami likely serves slightly better quality sushi than Shiki.

      Taika's portions used to be skimpy, considering the prices they were charging. I used to get a lot of take-out from Taika, but haven't been in maybe 3 years.

      None of the sushi restaurants in London serve sushi at the same level as Zen.