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Nov 4, 2009 09:45 AM

Meeting (and parking) in Half Moon Bay for lunch at Duarte's?

I'll be meeting a friend in Half Moon Bay on Saturday and then we'll leave one car and drive the other down to Pescadero and Duarte's. Any recommendations for where to meet and leave one car?

Any updates on Duarte's? So far it's been the artichoke and green chili soups and fresh sauteed seafood, plus olallieberry pie. What about their calamari?

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  1. I'd order the soups, cold artichoke hearts, coleslaw, cracked crab in season (you're a week early), and cioppino (ditto) again.

    Fried calamari and fried smelts were just OK, wouldn't order again. Tripe was too bland. Pie has great filling but garbage crust.

    1. You could probably leave a car at the shopping center at the 92/1 junction -- check out the New Leaf market there, too.

      1. On Saturdays there's a farmer's market at Shoreline Station, an old train station in HMB. It's about half a mile south of Hwy 92 on Hwy 1. It's now a small shopping center but didn't look around...seemed bontique-y as you'd except in a coastal touristy area. There's a caboose out front.

        II went through the FM right before it closed (they close on time) on Sat. It looked like they had decent produce (local if I recall) and ready to eat stuff. Seemed like lots of crafts but since it's just a meeting place, I'd do it as an add might find something.


        1. The green chili soup is good, and some people like it mixed half and half with the artichoke. What I would not recommend is the artichoke soup by itself. It might have been an anomaly, but the one time I had it, it was so thick that it was more of a sauce than a soup.

          The pie is OK. Go with tempered expectations for everything and you won't feel too disappointed.

          Duarte's Tavern
          202 Stage Rd, Pescadero, CA 94060

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            I'd eat at Duarte's but save the pie for Pie Ranch down a few miles on Hwy 1. Much, much better pie. Same as Mission Pie. Not sure if they're open in Nov, so you might check.

            Mission Pie
            2901 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

            Pie Ranch
            2080 Cabrillo Highway, Pescadero, CA

          2. Thanks for all the replies. I've been a number of times over the years, but always want to check if anything has changed about the food. I guess not :-) We'll stick to the good stuff.

            The shopping center parking lot at New Leaf Market seems like a fine idea, so we'll leave a car there unless anyone has experience that that's a bad idea.

            Because it's a weekend, I called and asked if a reservation would be necessary for about 2pm on Saturday, and got an emphatic "for sure" in reply.

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              My favorite place in HMB is the bar at San Benito House. Real old-school, real warm on a foggy-cold day, booths for lingering, very nice historic bar. There's usually parking within a block. If you think you're going to wait, go into San Benito House and grab a cup of coffee. Or something stronger on the way back. [The restaurant at SBH is always pretty swank, too - only place I've had a dry ice cocktail]

              My second favorite place is Half Moon Bay Coffee Company, which has a little parking lot and is right near 92/1. They've got a solid short order operation as well as the standard coffee, so you can get fries. If you've ever had a cold afternoon of motorcycling (that you thought would be warm), there's nothing better than hot chocolate (or a borgia) and fries. Again, it's a spot where you can sit and wait without attracting attention is all.

              If you think you and your friend will be on-time, the shopping center with the New Leaf Market is preferred, since its easier in and out no matter which direction you're coming from.