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Where can i buy slider sized brioche buns in LA??

the closer to Los Feliz, the better.


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  1. The Whole Foods in West Hollywood should have them. I know that Trader Joe's makes mini burger buns, but I don't think that they are brioche buns.

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      Do you think Gelsons would have them?

      1. re: TailbackU

        They probably do, they have a decent bakery section. I would probably call them first though.

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        Trader Joe's does have brioche buns, but I think they might be larger than slider size.

        1. re: KTLA

          TJ's brioche buns are definitely larger than slider size.

      3. pepperidge farm makes them now...white and whole wheat

        1. Thee's bakery in Farmers Market has great brioche hamburger buns. I have ordered a couple dozen of them in small tea sandwich sizes with a day or so notice.

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            hmmm...thanks. I checked all the markets and none of them had it. Will have to check them out next time.

          2. I believe Huckleberry In Santa Monica will make brioche slider buns if you give them some advance notice.

            1. King's Hawaiian dinner rolls make perfect slider rolls.

              1. Try Melrose Baking Company - Melrose at Fuller.