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Nov 4, 2009 09:15 AM

Costco/Kirkland Mac&Cheese

Last week when I was in Costco I saw that they had store brand macaroni and cheese. I have either never noticed it before, or it is a new product. Has anyone tried it, is it good?

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  1. Is it frozen, in the prepared foods, or a packaged mix?

    1. I got some a week or so ago....just like the stuff in the blue box.

      1. They offered samples once - YUCK!!!!!!

        1. if it wasn't good BeachBacchus it probably wasn't prepared properly. while it's not exactly a gourmet meal by any stretch, sometimes you want something quick. I appreciate that it has no artificial color, and still tastes good, or at least comparable to good old KD.

          1. They were offering samples at my local Costco last weekend. I was hoping for it to be good because I love mac & cheese. Unfortunately, it did not meet the normal excellent Costco standard.

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              We have really enjoyed it here, perhaps the sample was not prepared properly? I recommend trying it out, preparing it with the normal recipe (not light) and giving it a real try. If you're not satisfied, Costco will refund your purchase.