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Emeril's Gulf Coast Fish House

My husband and I just returned from a short trip to the Gulf Coast. We were so impressed with Emeril's Fish House that we haven't stopped talking about it. And our visit was on a Monday night, so I'm giving extra credit. From the hostess who seated us unasked by the window to view the sunset to the very attentive but not obsequious service, it was a hit. But the food was out of the park.
We were first served a small black iron skillet of hot cornbread with butter, followed later by warm potato rolls. I knew we were in good company at that point.
We started with crabcake for me and crab and corn chowder for my husband. An excellent choice for both of us. The crabcake was full of pan-seared lump crab, topped with a sweet tomato jam, set atop corn maquechoux. The flavors were an interesting combination. I wasn't sure I would like the tomato, but it worked well with the dish. And the trio were not so enmeshed that you could not separate the three if desired. The chowder was well-seasoned, with just enough potato to thicken without sacrificing the taste of the other ingredients. The spiciness of the dish was just right without being overpowering for us cajuns.
The entrees were superb as well. The andouille crusted redfish was done to perfection. The potatoes and vegetables were a fitting backdrop to the fish, and the marriage of flavors was balanced in every aspect. The shrimp and grits were spicy, with the flavors of mushrooms, bacon, and sauces intertwined. This was also a spicy but succulent dish.
As we were too full for dessert, we opted for two cups of coffee. Even that was perfection, strong but not bitter, right down to the bottom of the cup.
The restaurant is located in the Island View casino, and we will not go back to the area without visiting it again.

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  1. Thanks for visiting the gulf coast! Glad you enjoyed Emeril's... I've heard good things but have not been yet.

    Come back soon ;-)

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      Amen! The Coast is coming back- it just needs people and it will be better than ever!

    2. Amen and amen! I'm replying mainly to pop this up on the list again! And to note that they're doing a special "Study in Turkey" from 10:30 am to 7 pm for Thanksgiving: http://marketing.emerils.com/egrams/e... -- looks great, if you're not cooking that day!

      This restaurant needs attention and visitors. We had an extraordinary dinner a few months ago when the table ordered a chef's tasting (a flat out steal at $55/person -- TONS of brilliantly done food!) and I've recommended it to everyone I can. I have heard back from four people who did the tasting after we did and were as pleased as we were.

      So what if it's in the casino! This is not to be missed if you love good food!

      1. We ate there not long after it first opened. It was excellent...we had the crab cake appetizer and I had the boudin stuffed quail.

        1. Emeril's Fish House is closing right before Memorial Day.
          It will be replaced by a casino tradition>>>>>A HIGH END STEAKHOUSE (sigh)

          Going for lunch tomorrow - will probably waddle out of there.

          CHowhounds you have just a few weeks to get yourselves down to Gulfport and
          over to the Island View and visit one of Chef Lagasse's best menu's and fabulous
          restaurant interior designs. The wine room especially.

          I keep hoping he will buy the Blue Rose in the Pass and make that into a restaurant.

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            Grand opening, Grand closing. BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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              I have been absent from the board for a while, and I'm very sorry to hear the news. We had recommended the restauant to relatives a few months ago when they were headed in that direction.

            2. Went over wked - Cfood gumbo, spinach salad with panko fried oyster (just perfectly nice & light with a crispy edge - ersters were plump too.) Dh had shrimp & grits - all very good.Skillet cornbread there is just the best. Busy but not crowded. Service was great.

              I think what happened is along the line of what Clarkafeller & shywriter have said - the coast just needs people. It's almost 5 years post Katrina and rebuilds below the CSX rail line just hasn't come back - also once the MDOT Port of Gulfport project starts , it will be
              5 years of construction right where the casino is. That was my thought as we looked out onto the beach and gulf. 5 yrs of construction zone = not good for the bottom line. It is probably a very logical but unfortunate for foodies business decision. Staff is being given opportunity to go to other Emeril restaurants - although our waitstaff said most don't want to move from coast. I applaud Emeril for spending the time, $$ and energy to come back
              post Katrina and open this for the coast.

              1. I posted a few weeks ago asking for recommendations for a good dinner place in Biloxi/Gulfport and Emerils wasn't mentioned in the replies; maybe that is an indicator of the poor level of attention or interest that led to the impending closure. However, it is where we ended up and we had a lovely meal. The restaurant is beautiful, and the service was very good.

                The complimentary cornbread and rolls were outstanding. I had the "Five Day Duck" and it was the most succulent yet not greasy duck I have ever eaten. One of my group ordered a steak cooked medium and it came out very well done. The waiter immediately whisked it away and brought her a cocktail while a properly cooked steak was quickly prepared. An embarrasing mistake for this caliber of restaurant, but handled well.

                The banana cream pie was incredibly delicious. It was dense and rich and the crust added the perfect crunchy element.

                The location may have been detrimental to the restaurant. My companions felt the casino at the hotel was a little on the rough side. It sure would be nice if Emeril could move the operation to a better location. In the meantime, I do hope those who can get there before this place closes, do.

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                  Just ate there Tuesday ....so sad its closing in 3 weeks. Duck was great as stated, so was seafood fettucine. Will miss this place. Casino was fine, just more of a local crowd, but not "rough".. A new steakhouse is coming run by the casino.