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Nov 4, 2009 08:44 AM

Reno: Zozo's wine tasting & menu sampling in November 2009

We had dinner at Zozo's recently and picked up a flyer for a wine tasting & menu sampling on Nov. 12 & 19. It sounds like a great deal. They're going to pour four wines with four appetizer size dishes. The price is $35 pp which includes the wine, tax and tip. I checked their website which mentions this but doesn't give details for November.

I'll type out the first one to give an idea of what to expect.

Corn chowder with Ponzi pinot gris

Rock shrimp & artichoke fritta with red pepper aoli blanc and Kenwood sauvignon

Butternut squash ravioli with hazelnut butter sauce and Fess Parker pinot noir

Lollipops of lamb with Grand Marnier and lingonberry sauce and Cuckhorn Paraduxx

We've always enjoyed our meals there, not haute cuisine but good and the service has always been nice also.

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  1. I enjoy Zozo's. Their signature dish I think is the Zozo's chicken, which uses a pureed roasted red pepper as the sauce. I dunno about the wines, though. I guess the Duckhorn Paraduxx would be the most prestigious. I would have preferred they used Italian wines.

    1. Wow - this sounds great. Nice wines - love the Fess Parker and the Paraduxx (was just there this weekend, actually!). I think I"ll check it out.. Thanks for the info.

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        You were at Duckhorn or Zozo's? We were at Zozo's Saturday night. We live at the lake and dealing with MIL who had a recent stroke. Really want to check one of these out; just not sure if we can schedule it. But sounds like they're going to do this regularly.

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          I was at Paraduxx - it's not really's part of the Duckhorn corporation, but it's a completely separate brand. I think restaurants and retailers like to play off the connection. Nonetheless - it's a fantastic winery and the wines are tasty!

      2. The original comment has been removed