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Nov 4, 2009 08:33 AM

SALON SAVEURS, 4 through 7 December, Espace Champerret, Paris

If you will be in town, do not miss this extraordinary food exposition of producers from all over France plus Spain and Italy. Most offering samples of fois gras, cheese, confiture, candy, butter, meat and poultry products. Make sure to take several large carrier bags or a rolling cart and allow at least 3 hours. To be honest, we have never been able to finish this show: too many packages, completely jaded palate by the last room.

There is a pass for 2 persons in the November 2009 SAVEURS magazine that will save you 16€ less 4.90€ for the mag.

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  1. Mangeur, was it overcrowded when you went? I was tempted to go to the Salon du Chocolat last month but chickened out when I heard about the high volume of people expected to attend.

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      Hmmmm. We usually go at opening. It does get crowded by noon. But I will confess that while I avoid crowds like the plague, I have never been bothered here. Every so often you will have to wait a minute for your turn to "belly up to the counter", but no long waits or jostling. This is a very large show so there is room for people to spread out.

    2. Went to Salon des Fermiers in October, very similar but the Saveurs is bigger and International as M..... says. Always do best with crowds early and not on weekend days. They had an Italian booth a few years back that had an expensive caponata in jars that was AS good as it gets. Most times people will have free tickets when they get there and will have extras, each ticket is for 2 people, have never had to pay;

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        Well put. At any of these expo shows, just stand at the base of the escalator or end of the entrance shoot and face oncoming people. Look dumb and expentant and you will be offered free passes that are sent out by vendors to good customers. Works for Vignerons Independent, Salon de Chocolate, Fermier and, and, and...