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Nov 4, 2009 08:27 AM

Good Butcher Shop Near Hartford, CT

Working part time, now, and time to drive for better ingredients! Can anybody recommend a good butcher shop less than 1 hour from Hartford? I would love to find a butcher shop I can trust and visit on a regular basis...

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  1. Hall's Market in West Hartford

    D & D on Franklin Ave in Hartford

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    1. re: brookerme

      Ditto what you said and I'll add:
      Newington Meat Market on 847 Main Street as well as Stew Leonards on the Berlin Turnpike.

      1. re: masha bousha

        Good choices. I'd add Whole Foods -- Two locations in West Hartford, and one in Glastonbury. I'm rarely disappointed. Terrific dry-aged steaks, too.

    2. I second Hall's, D&D.

      Stew Leonard's is a rip-off. The quality of the meat is poor, unless you buy an over-the-top overpriced cut.

      The Highland Park Market in Farmington, CT has some great meats, but are a bit pricey.

      Adolph's Meat Market on New Britain Avenue in Hartford is a superb German-style pork store.

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      1. re: shaogo

        Re: Highland Park Market, South Windsor, near Evergreen Walk. The other day I asked about procuring ox-tails or veal kidney--was told that a few days notice would bring them to me. I've never had them turn down any request I might have and the meat and poultry selection, including various preparations, is extensive. I don't need to go anywhere else. Pricey? not if you're after quality.

        1. re: philbkr

          I work in Farmington, near the Market- I love it! It never actually occured to me to ask about hard to find meats/cuts. The one in South Windsor never seems to have any customers- strange. Also, they don't open till 10am- not sure why, but maybe due to the other stores in the "Walk".

      2. Try Bliss Market in Wethersfield. Old school, certified angus (choice and prime), homemade sausage etc. Prepared foods are KILLER! Nice website with weekly specials.

        1. Bogner's in Manchester next to MCC is very friendly. I bought a tenderloin and they trimmed and tied it up nicely. Came out great. I also agree with Highland Park.

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