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Nov 4, 2009 08:03 AM

Dining Recommendations in Central Florida (40 min in any direction from Leesburg)

I'm a Boston foodie visiting family in Leesburg this weekend, and other than going to Disney as a kid, I haven't been back, so I'm in desperate need of some recommendations! Especially appreciative of suggestions for anything unique to the area. I'm definitely a very adventurous eater, but not all my dining companions will be, so please send recomendations for both the unusual and the more mainstream (or at least places that have something simple on the menu for a picky eater). A sampling of breakfast/lunch/diner type places, some higher end dinner places, and any "not to be missed" specialities would be most appreciated!!! 40 min seems like a long way to drive for good food for me, since I'm used to taking the subway/walking to places in the city, but my family assures me that it's not out of the norm to drive a while to find a good place in Central Florida. Please - no chains unless it's just a small local chain. Thanks is advance for your help!

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  1. Leesburg is two demographics,,retirees and locals so most of your higher end is geared for 50 and up. Vic's embers is a nice spot for the retirees upscale dinner. Stick with grill items like steak and fish. Tableside preperation is offered but only good at desert and salads. If you want a variety to choose from try Downtown Mount Dora. There are 20 different resturaunts to choose from in a 4 block radius and none of them are chains! The town won't allow them! If you really want to go first class the mission inn resort in howey in the hills has three nice places. I have had the brunch here and it is top notch! If you are on a budget and want to try something unique to the area try zellies in mount Dora. Fried pickles, shrimp, fish and anything else you can fry! Drink beer from a mason jar and walk away with money in your pocket! it's nothin fancy but good and southern!