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Nov 4, 2009 08:02 AM

Devilishly Delicious Desserts?

Friends of our are traveling to Montreal from Texas, and they have requested that we go out for some great desserts.

While I am far from being a pastry chef, I usually make desserts at home, so I'm appealing to you hounds to offer up the best dessert destinations in the city. Somewhere that also serves coffee (with a decent atmosphere) would also be nice -- I'm not a fan of Rockaberry, Kilo is just "ok" in my book, and I don't dig desserts that look nice, but taste like cardboard. :)


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  1. I've had dinner at la Cantine on Mont-Royal street a couple of weeks ago and their dessert menu was very interesting. I had the poudding chomeur with fleur de sel caramel and it was to die for. Another menu option was the homemade whippet. I don't remember the other choices, but I am sure you could go there just for dessert and a coffee (although word of warning - their breakfast coffee is amazing but their night coffee was just so-so!)

    1. Pop has really interesting desserts and a nice atmosphere.

      1. Pop has good desserts; I would also give the new-ish "Newtown" it's now the new home of Patrice Demers (formelly of Pop)