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Nov 4, 2009 07:07 AM

what should we order at Rangoon?

I've had one excellent family-style dinner experience at Rangoon that involved breads, salads, tofus, etc., and one pretty mediocre lunch off the lunch menu.

I'm looking to repeat my dinner experience. We need some (but not all) vegetarian choices. We'll definitely order some thousand layer bread, but what else? Ginger salad? Tea leaf?

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  1. Here's a great writeup about what one of Philly's most legendary chefs likes to order there:

    1. Night Market Noodles are one of our favs!

      1. Rangoon has developed into one of my absolute favorites. I love it. Some favorites (the ** ones I believe are vegetarian, but you might want to check because I'm not really positive):

        Firecracker Lentil Fritter**
        Coconut Galanga Soup (might be able to get a Veg version)
        Spring Ginger Salad**
        Papaya Salad**
        Basil Noodles (warning: taste more like GARLIC noodles to me, but I love them)
        Spicy Kung Pao Chicken (NOT like normal Chinese food Kung pao)
        Jungle Chicken (there's also a Jungle Tofu)

        I wish I'd tried more of the vegetarian entrees to make some recommendations (it's not unusually for me to choose a veg dish over a meat one, I just haven't seemed to much here)....out of curiosity, what did you have that was mediocre here? I've never had a bad dish, but I've also never come for lunch.

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        1. re: PhillyA

          I tried the basil tofu and coconut tofu at lunch. It wasn't bad, it was It seemed to me that the lunch menu choices were more typical "chinatown" offerings and were not as interesting as the rest of the menu. Thanks for your suggestions!

          1. re: yannie

            Why didn't you try any of the given suggestions? You did have a choice to order off the lunch special menu, right? You've already had a bad experience with the lunch menu, so why would you make the same mistake again?

            1. re: mrslloyddobler

              Um, I believe Yannie was just answering my question of what they had at Rangoon BEFORE. The suggestions we have made are to avoid ordering the weaker dishes again.

              1. re: PhillyA

                whoops, reading comprehension FAIL.

            1. re: Bigley9

              Just had the lentil fritters last night.

              Holy crap.

          2. There are so many things I love there. I'm not sure what all is vegetarian, because I suspect there is shrimp paste and/or fish sauce in a lot of things.

            Dishes I love:

            Crispy tofu triangles
            Lentil fritters
            Thousand layer bread and potato curry
            coconut rice
            Spring Ginger salad
            Squid salad
            Tofu salad
            Festival fish soup
            Kung pao anything
            Jungle anything
            just about all of the fish preparations

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            1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

              LOVE the Jungle Tofu! Basically tofu, green peppers, green beans in a coconut green curry sauce. So good.
              I also like the Night Market Noodle but occasionally find it tastes like Cambell's tomato soup. Strange, but only once or twice have I thought so.

            2. Love the tea leaf salad! Get it every time I go to Rangoon.