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Lemon Tree in Dobbs Ferry

Has anyone tried it yet? Has a great look from the sidewalk.

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  1. I went for lunch. The decor is a bit nicer than your typical pan-Asian, and the glowing blue bar creates a nice look from the sidewalk. The service was attentive. The vegetarian Hot and Sour soup was solid. The main course -- I got a Thai red curry dish -- was fair to good. The sauce was much less liquidy than I'm used to; maybe that was an intentional choice by the chef? The lunch menu prices are reasonable, so it might be a new mainstay in Dobbs Ferry for those that work in the area.

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      Could it be related to the Lemon Tree in Bronxville? I noticed that just opened too because they slid a menu under my door.

    2. I was there today for lunch and wasn't at all impressed. We were the only ones in there for over an hour and the service was awful.

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        Do they have take decent soups or something like that? Our office can be so FRIGGIN COLD sometimes, that all I want is to go somewhere, sit for an hour and order soup. Otherwise I bring my own TJs lunch or something.

      2. Went there last evening. The service was attentive, and the food was excellent! The BEST pineapple fried rice! Delicious dim sum. Will definitely go back when they get their liquor license (supposedly next month). In the meantime, I'll have to settle for home delivery (not a bad thing!)...

        1. Although there are other asian and Pac Rim food options in the area, LemonTree leaves the others in the dust. The names sound the same, but the chef is clearly superior. Soup choices, including the House Seafood and Thai Curry Seafood soup are delicious....and the servings are large. The special whole whitefish in chili sauce was so tasty that we ate it, although we were full from the soup. We returned for lunch and were not disappointed...Thai Curry Udon soup was huge and delicious...so was the Yaki Udon Noodle dish. The decor is simple and elegant, staff is eager to please. Unfortunately, Dobbs is dragging out their long anticipated liquor license....but I would recommend that people go for the food in the meantime so we don't lose this place.

          1. I had lunch there over the weekend. I thought the veggie hot and sour soup was quite good and the veggie gyoza were OK. I tasted my friend's shumai and california roll (both eh) but will definitely go back and check out some of the other options. Service was pleasant and efficient, and prices seemed fair.

            1. I'm getting worried about the success of this restaurant. I walked by one night recently. Orissa, Sushi Mike's, and Tomatillo were all packed. Lemon Tree was not even half-full. Maybe it is the economy? A friend agreed with the poster above, and is sad to see that LT is getting a wine license, since she liked the savings of BYOB.

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                I've eaten there about four times -- twice for lunch and twice for dinner and once actually for take-out.. each time the food was fabulous.. the service is exceptional -- they really want to please. At this point they are serving wine/beer/sake.. not sure if they will get hard liquor. I brought a group of 11 to this place on a saturday night and they accomodated us well -- it was a complicated group, with multiple drinks and orders.. bill came out to around $380 (not including tip) for eleven people -- what a deal!

                We had sushi/rolls, the fabulous pad thai, triple delight (filled to bursting w/shrimp, chicken & veggies), the red massaman curry was exceptional (the aroma from that dish just wowed everyone at the table). I"ve gotta go back and continue my exploration of their menu.

                Unfortunately this place is pretty empty during the week -- so if you're yearning for some good asian food on a tues or wednesday -- go there immediately! :)

                I"ll be back for sure.. with a big group once again..

              2. My husband at Gotham Design in Dobbs Ferry did the designing of the build out for this new restaurant. They have designed the look of many of the downtown restaurants in Dobbs Ferry. All that has come back to him is that the food is super and very different from the norm. Everyone he has talked to in regard to this new space has had favorable reviews for the space itself and the food. We can't wait to try it!

                1. We finally got to try this Asian "find". It was very good. The service is great. We got to sit outside and the bi-fold windows were open which made us feel still a part of the bustling restaurant. The downtown is a fun place to be and this restaurant adds to the great choices. The Jazz concerts on the water start next Wed. Lemon Tree is a great "to go" spot to bring a picnic down to the waterside.

                  1. Any more recent takes on this place?

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                      Haven't been in a while. When faced with a choice for lunch, I go with Orissa or Sushi Mike's. But I do see people in Lemon Tree.
                      Dobbs is continuing the restaurant renaissance that began with Sushi Mike's. Tomatillo, The Cookery, Sushi Niji, Orissa, Lemon Tree, and now Harper's. Quite the restaurant row.

                      Sushi Mike's
                      146 Main St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

                      13 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

                      Sushi Niji
                      71 Main St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

                      Orissa Restaurant
                      14 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

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                        Happy that my husband's work (Gotham Design in Dobbs Ferry) designing many of the downtown restaurants you mentioned is a big part of the vital community in Dobbs Ferry. It is amazing the buzz surrounding many of the DF restaurants in prominent food publications. Many of the great reviews have the town on the map. The spaces they house are a hit too!

                    2. Let's start with it's classification: there is no "Asian Fusion" or "pan asian" going on here. This is yet another Chinese/Japanese joint with a couple of Thai dishes on the menu. Nothing is being fused. Just an owner that can't make up his mind.

                      Dobbs Ferry (and Westchester in general) is so brutally plagued with substandard Asian food that I should hardly have been surprised at how absolutely awful my meal from Lemon Tree was. We ordered two apps and two entres.

                      The first app was scallion pancakes. They were crisp and flakey in a way that I've never experienced in Asian cuisine before. Almost like filo dough.

                      Next came pork gyoza. You can buy these same pot stickers frozen in the Asian market in town. They are mass produced crap that have been poorly reheated.

                      My entre was Thai Chow Fun with Thai Basil and beef. The noodles we so overcooked that they were pure mush. They bore more resemblance to mashed potatoes than they did noodles. I had asked for my dish to be prepared extra spicy and yet there was absolutely no heat. As a matter of fact, the "sauce" that my dish was drowning in, tasted only of cabbage and salt. There were green things in there that may have passed for basil leaves, but they added no flavor to the dish. The beef was unseared and slimy as though it had been steamed. All in all, not eatable and barely food. A pasty mess.

                      My wife ordered Pad Thai with shrimp. It looked like pad thai but it tasted and smelled of one thing and one thing only: fishiness. These shrimp were BAD. They were obviously frozen shrimp to begin with, but these were passed their prime.

                      I'm no stranger to "gringo" Asian food but this place is just insulting. The propriators appear to be Asian but I wonder if they have ever even eaten Asian food. If they have, there ismno evidence of it in their cooking.

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                        Wild Ginger in Bronxville. Real fusion food. Worlds above Lemon Tree.

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                            Oishii in Mt. Kisco is super and great service too.