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Nov 4, 2009 06:49 AM

A place to eat around the Boston Opera House

I'll be downtown Boston in a couple of months, and am wondering if there is a good place to eat within walking distance of the Boston Opera House. Open to anything!
Also, if anyone knows of any good places to eat around Winchester (or within reasonable driving distance), that would also be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. The Opera House is not far from Chinatown - do a board search on that and you'll find plenty of recommendations. For a more American-style option, I'm fond of Marliave, which not only has excellent food, it's in an old building that's been a restaurant since the 19th century (and was reportedly a speakeasy during Prohibition).

    10 Bosworth Street, Boston, MA 02108

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    1. re: BobB

      add silvertone, ivy and teatro. troquet and the bristol lounge are about a 10-minute walk.

      1. re: hotoynoodle

        Also nearby is Locke-Ober. Good food, classic surroundings. Bring $$$$$$.

        3 Winter Place, Boston, MA 02108

        1. re: BBHound

          Withing walking distance (I went there recently before a ballet at the Opera House) is Avila. It is very nice (ask for a table next to the windows) - excellent food, service and wine.

    2. In Winchester there is Catch. Nearby in Arlington there is Flora for nice or Toraya for neighborhoody Japanese. If you also do a search on Arlington on this board you will find other possibilities. I could be wrong but I don't think Winchester itself has much to offer besides Catch. Oh, and in the other direction there is SIchuan Garden in Woburn and Summer Winter in Burlington. I have not been to the last two but there are reviews on them on this board.

      Toraya Restaurant
      890 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

      1. Bina Osteria is right next door. They serve upscale Italian fare although my recent trip there was lacking in flavor.

        Bina Osteria
        , Boston, MA 02108

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          unfortunately, it's gotten mixed- to bad reviews since the opening chef left and the menu has been downscaled.

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            2nd Catch in Winchester.
            Close to the Opera House: Teatro, Penang, Kingston Station
            Erbaluce and lots of Chinatown options are not too far.

            177 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111

            Kingston Station
            25 Kingston St, Boston, MA 02111

            69 Church Street, Boston, MA 02116