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Nov 4, 2009 06:37 AM

Boston restaurants worth following on Twitter

I'm only following Craigie On Main so far, and they post pretty interesting stuff. Are there any other Boston area restaurants whose tweets are worth following? Thanks!

Craigie On Main:

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  1. I've found most of the ones I follow pretty interesting.
    Just a few examples: Upper Crust does Pizza of the Day updates, The Ivy advertises deals, Cardullo's and Formaggio update with great useful information about their stock, Locke Ober occasionally posts about lunch deals etc, and Poe's Kitchen has some interesting notes as well.

    Craigie is especially good though :-)

    1. I follow the clover food truck- they're low-chat (no random thoughts or links to things), just useful scheduling and menu info, if you're planning on hitting them up some time during the day.

      Clover Food Truck:

      Clover Food Truck
      Amherst St Carleton St, Mid-Cambridge, MA 02142

      1. I like CoM. I also like Trina's, they often post their dog of the day & specials. Tupelo used to post specials but not so much any more.

        1. Out of the more than 200 Boston-area restaurants I'm connected to on Twitter (yes, I'm a Twitter geek), I'd have to say that the Myers and Chang page is by far my favorite.

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            I second this - I follow Myers and Chang, as well as Joanne's twitter feed ( and their manager Cheri's: They are funny.

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              Somehow the period went live on your link for Cheri. Here's the correct link:

          2. I second hiddenboston's opinion on @myersandchang, but will add that Joanne's worth her own follow (@jbchang). Also agree that @cardullos does a pretty good job, and if you live in the Symphony/Back Bay area, Whole Foods (@WFM_Symphony) does a REALLY good job with their Twitter account -- they post a lot of specials, in-store sample display info, and if you ask them a question about prices/what's in stock/etc, they almost always answer you back. Sometimes even with pictures!