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Nov 4, 2009 06:33 AM

Chocolate Vegan Dessert recipe wanted

We will be having 12 guests for T'giviing - 9 :regular", 1 kosher, 1 vegan and 1 vegetarian. The menu planning has been interesting. I have settled on appetizers, salad, entree (turkey and fish), veggies but am stymied by offering a vegan option for dessert. We are having homemade apple crumb pie, sweet potato pie and I wanted to give guests something chocolate. The vegan should be able to eat the apple pie, as the crust is made with Crisco, but I thought something chocolate and vegan would appeal to everyone. I should mention the non-vegans will be very critical, so it needs to be something truly declicious. Can you pls help out Chowhounders?

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  1. Look no further than Bittman's tofu chocolate pudding:

    You don't have to add the spices, but I think they'd be nice with your holiday meal.

    It's insanely good, as many others have noted.

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      Along the same lines - Alton Brown's mooless chocolate pie. I have also made vegan chocolate caramel tarts using coconut milk - very tasty and acceptable by all. Do you want other than pie suggestions? You can make really good chocolate sorbet - not healthy sorbet mind you but rich. Serve with vegan cookies.

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        Thix lookx interesting. Think I can triple it successfully or do I need to make 3 batches (for 12 people)?

        1. re: Diane in Bexley

          Depends on the size of your blender. I'd think you'd have to do it in multiple batches to get it smooth enough.

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          I've made this before- truly excellent.

          Served it in a prebaked pie shell with parve whipped topping on top. I tossed on some raspberries for a bit of tart. They couldn't believe the pudding was made of tofu...

        3. have made this recipe many times - Chocolate Velvet - it's simple and wonderful

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              This is close to a vegan cake recipe I use- commonly known as "Crazy Cake" or "Wacky Cake", it uses no eggs, butter, etc. but comes out very chocolatey- esp if you make ahead of time so the cocoa flavor can develop (e.g. the day before):


              You can serve with a fruit coulis (e.g. raspberry) and/or glaze (e.g. apricot, raspberry, strawberry, etc.- I'll usually just heat jam as my glaze and brush on while the cake is still warm).

              (Only consideration is if your vegan company do not consider the white sugar you use sometimes refined using ash from animal bones.....)

            2. This is a chocolate avocado cake that is vegan and supposed to be delicious, I'm waiting for my vegan friend to visit before I make it though. Let me know if you try it.


              1. epicurious has a vegan chocolate cheesecake recipe that I'm planning to make during the holidays.