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Nov 4, 2009 05:42 AM

Munich 2009 Update

Just got back from our usual late October trip to Munich for the mineral show, so thought I'd update a few notes on favorite places.

We were very disappointed last year in the Weisses Brauhaus and now understand why the downhill alert -- the concession was sold to new owners. As the menu didn't look to have changed since 2008 when the new format came in, we skipped dinners there and only went for the good-as-ever beer and weissewurst.

Our new favorite for meals is definitely Der Pschorr. While I've had some even better food elsewhere (see below) the overall atmosphere and service, not to say the relative ease of getting tables within the huge space, makes this a welcome stop. Someone else on this board raved about the beef rouladen, and I second the accolade. Absolutely great. Beef is now a specialty from a named producer (my German isn't good enough to translate all the description) and the Slow Food Membership logo is proudly posted outside Der Pschorr's door. We ended up here for dinner 3 times and drinks only once, and by the 2nd visit were treated as regulars by the host. The only disappointing dish for me was the pike perch with arugula risotto, which was much too oily and didn't seem to use arborio rice. For one dinner with a large group, we all shared the sampler of varied and often house made sausages, meats and cheeses, which were truly excellent.

I love game, and was relieved to find it at Andechser am Dom, which had a page of game specials. These were excellent and well priced (as well as good sized but not overwhelmingly huge portions). We had two meals here -- the first, I enjoyed an excellent rare saddle of hare in a delicious blueberry sauce with side potatos and brusselsprouts. The 2nd was venision tenderloins topped with melted gorganzola and broiled pear with a red wine butter sauce. Really delicious. This had quite an interesting accompaniement of potato-ground walnut pancakes. My husband tried another venison dish of schnitzel in a sliced almond crust -- a little dry but tasty.

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  1. Joan-

    I'm very jealous, as I didn't make it to Munich this Fall. Inre Weisses Brauhaus the only real question is : Are the incredibly surly waitresses still there?

    As to the Der Pshorr: The beef supplier is Murnau-Werdenfelser from the Alpine Valley of Werdenfels near the village of Murnau on the way from Munich to Garmisch. It's wonderful to see in many parts of Germany that like the US and others that the better restauranteurs are beginning to couple with local producers and highlighting the fact. I only wish Hacker-Pschorr beers were better.

    Andecheser Am Dom is my favorite beer restaurant in Munich. I have eaten about 15 Christmas Eve dinners there before attending the Mozart mass at St. Stephen's. Enjoying beers on the heated patio on winter days is a real treat. Their menu is great and their hospitality while rushed (they are always full) is among if not the best among beer stube in Munich.


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    1. re: Trip Klaus

      Yes, it's still the same waitresses although they've changed their uniforms. Too bad, I liked the old black period-looking garb better than the blue checked blouses. I never found them particularly surly, just in a hurry and harried.

      Andechs is definitely delicious beer, and that patio is our normal evening hangout. In fact, we did have both dinners sitting out there this time, rather than trying to get seats inside. It's a very friendly place -- we always end up talking to people, this time a young NY-based Polish couple on their honeymoon.

      1. re: Joan Kureczka

        Would you mind giving the address for Der Pschorr?

    2. We loved Munich. Two restaurants recommend by our hotel concierge were wonderful.

      Zum Durnbrau, supposedly the oldest restaurant in Munich, circa 1187, was packed with locals. Hearty really good Bavarian fare, great beers. However, it is community seating for those who might not enjoy this sort of thing. 2 of us sat on a booth for 6 that was already occupied by 3 people:

      Spatenhaus is another serving authentic Bavarian food. We enjoyed so we visited twice, lunch and dinner. It was during harvest of the wonderful white asparagus and spouse couldn't get enough of the stuff at this restaurant.

      And those Bavarian pretzels. Yum!