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Nov 4, 2009 05:36 AM

Guinea Pig (Cuy Pekingese) now at La Mar, SF

From UrbanDaddy:

"Now available at La Mar Cebicheria, Cuy Pekingese is a new dish showcasing the Peruvian delicacy that the restaurant flies in from an organic farm outside of Lima. The pig is marinated for a day in spices, and then immersed in duck fat and braised slowly for hours. The confit-style meat takes on a richness much like rabbit, quail or dark meat chicken.

When it arrives at your table, you'll see that it's been shredded and piled high, looking much like carnitas. Eat it the same way you do Peking duckā€”open your Chicha Morada (purple corn) crepe, mound some of the cuy on top with pickled daikon, carrot and cilantro, roll it up and then dip it in the sweet-and-sour sauce."

Who's tried it or going to try it?

La Mar Cebicheria Peruana
Pier 1 1/2, San Francisco, CA 94111

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    1. wonderful- that they serve it shredded!

      the traditional presentation is a little rough for some of us (squeamish types)

      btw- having a reservation today virtually eclipsed thanksgiving for me (and i have thanksgiving with some real foodies)

      1. I certainly would. And they don't need to disguise it for me. Last year I had grilled local cuy in San Agustin, Colombia - I think it was seasoned with a rub, grilled and served in quarters. It was delicious. Guess I'm not squeamish. Ever since I've been eyeing our very fat back yard squirrels as a potential food source... There's a photo of my father as a young man after squirrel hunting, and my Joy covers squirrel.

        1. Had one of these years ago in Cusco, It was rather tough and overcooked and it smiled at us throughout ... It had yellow fat. My wife wouldn't touch it, particularly when I offered her a drumstick...

          I presume this one is better.

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          1. re: Thomas Nash

   - here's a Blue ribboned Parts of a Cavy poster at Cloverdale's Citrus Fair. Never having tasted cuy, it made me want to eat one.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I forget if I posted this before, but Costa Nera had whole Cuy on the specials menu. I hope the attached picture feature is working.