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Nov 4, 2009 04:57 AM

Anyone know where I can find whole smoked wild turkeys for the holidays?

I have an important client visiting us over the holidays and he has previously mentioned a love for smoked wild turkey. I've been scouring the web, but have been unable to find anyone selling whole smoked WILD turkeys. Any suggestions out there?

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  1. I wish you luck with that quest (in fact, please let us know if you succeed). Frankly, I'd be happy just to be able to get a fresh wild turkey at all. Once I did, however, I don't think I'd obscure it's flavor with smoking. If you're really desperate, send me two birds, I'll smoke one for you and send it back!

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    1. Lots of wild turkeys on the outskirts of Eugene, darn things make a big mess. Noway would I eat one of these though, tough, bad tasting birds.

      1. Hell, I thought you were talking daybreak in the woods, "watch out for the buckshot, y'all" wild turkey. If a smoked, free range, farm raised bird is ok? There is a farm by us at the Shore that might do one. I know they do a smoked turkey "ham." In fact, I'd actually call them and ask as they may be willing to go "off the menu" for you.

        And in the UK:

        BTW - Thanks for the other links!

          1. Where I live a Wild Turkey is a game bird...Get caught selling it they will put you under the jail and forget you are there.........

            I see from your links however that you have found the domestic Farmed Raised, Free Range, Organically Grown, etc. Faux "Wild" Turkeys....

            Have Fun & Enjoy!!