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Nov 4, 2009 04:49 AM

Chicken and waffles in CT

I live in New Haven-- where's the closest place for good fried chicken and waffles??

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  1. I'm guessing someone is going to suggest Harlem, NY.

    1. I just had that at Dish n Dat in Canton in that fancy shopping area. First time for me, it was an odd combo, they drizzled honey on the waffle. Fried chicken was good though.

      1. Southern Hospitality Soul Food on Whalley Ave. has excellent fried chicken, but I can't swear they have the waffles side of the dish.

        The Westville Bar & Grill (something like that - not sure of the exact name) also on Whalley has a chicken and waffles sandwich with fried boneles chicken, waffles instead of bread and a maple mayo. It's very tasty, but waffles were not crispy.

        1. Agree with Shoes on Southern Hospitality's chicken. Though my one experience at Westville Grill was unimpressive, I live nearby so will walk up one night for another try.
          Mama Mary's Soul food (also on Whalley, across from Edge of the Woods) has excellent fried chicken, and last time there saw that were going to be offering breakfast on Sunday's so check them out

          Mama Mary's
          372 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT 06511