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Nov 4, 2009 01:26 AM

Birthday dinner in Manhattan would like suggestions

My parents are taking me out for dinner for my (28th) birthday a week from Monday. The dinner will be on the early side as I will have just flown in from Europe for a business trip and need to get up early and work the next day. Some thing to keep in mind:

- The meal must be meat. I eat dairy and fish and non-kosher restaurants so this isn't interesting for me.

- East side or below the park is better.

- My parents are used to excellent food and I don't want to bankrupt them either as they could care less about keeping kosher. The restaurant doesn't need to be fancy but I can more about the food than the decor.

- I have in mind Le Marais which is my favorite old stand-by or perhaps Tevere (I have been to their dairy restaurant and enjoyed it) so that should give you an idea of price range.

- If no one has an positive interesting recommendations I will probably just suggest the second avenue deli (I realize some people don't consider this kosher) as I don't want to waste their money and have them be disappointed.

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  1. Based on the review's of Mike's Bistro on this board, I would suggest you look at the menu prices and figure if you can afford it.

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    1. re: vallevin

      Even though Mike's isn't in your preferred area, it's definitely worth looking at.

      Le Carne Grill is good, but expensive. It's kind of like Prime Grill in that steaks are served alone and sides are a la carte.

    2. Friends of mine enjoy Le Carne Grill ,although I dont' know about the pricing. Abigaels compares with Le Marais price wise and food wise. I have always enjoyed Tevere .

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        IMO, LCG is a clear notch below PG.

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          I like wolf and Lamb as well but I have found to be inconsistent - one day as good as any steak house in NYC and then the next day mediocre

        2. I like Solo - on 55th and Madison (in the Sony Atrium)

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            Make sure you check out the prices first, since Solo is more expensive than any other kosher restaurant in New York as far as I know.

          2. The original comment has been removed