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Nov 3, 2009 09:37 PM

Roller settings/thicknesses for home made pasta

I just bought a basic rolling pasta machine (Mercato) with roller cutters for tagliatelle and fettuccine, spaghetti, and taglioni. Since there are only two sets of cutters and the tagliatelle and fetuccine are similar in shape and width, I am assuming that the thicknesses of the pastas are the main differentiators between the types. Are there standard thicknesses for these pastas and where can I find them?

A google search and the manufacturer web site have been fruitless so far...

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  1. Hello, pasta in general is all the same thickness, the difference between the tagliatelle and fetuccine is the tagliatelle are wider then fetuccine. The roller will have several
    different thicknesses and generally you start at the widest setting and gradually take
    it down to the second last setting. The last setting is extremely thin and I suppose if you want angel hair pasta that would be ok. Hope this helps, if you find any info I would be interested in hearing about it. thank''s

    1. Couple more things to add to what is already stated by the above poster. Besides the two width of the cutters, you can hand cut the sheets to whatever width you like as for pappardelle and lasagne . Generally, the second to the last setting is the correct thickness for most home made fresh pasta. Occasionally, I like the pasta to be a little thinner, which I would run the sheet through the second to the last setting a second time while gently tug back on the sheet. I like this thickness for many of the stuffed pastas. The last setting is just too thin for most use.