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Nov 3, 2009 09:26 PM

Nate N Al's in Thousand Oaks

I saw a sign that said it was opening in November. Does anyone have more information about it?

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  1. It is the same Nate and Al's from Beverly Hills. This will be their second location.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      We went there tonight. Almost everything was awful and extremely expensive. The matzo ball soup was a tiny portion and very watery. The stuffed cabbage was 1 little role for $8 and it was salty and tasted like dog food. A lox appetizer was $16---a joke. My corned beef sandwich was OK, but very small for the $13.50 price. We will never go back. Brent's Deli in Westlake is so far superior that there is not point to going back here. At Brent's the sandwiches are so big you can hardly open your mouth that wide. The bread is much better. The soups are delicious and are large portions.
      Stick to Brent's!

    2. My advice, don't go there. We arrived at 11.30 especially to be there on opening day. A TV crew was there as well as several "suited" men who were obviously top management men.
      First it was good 15 mins before someone asked us if we wanted a drink and that was only after we had complained. By 12.10 our order had not arrived, again we complained and was told that it was because it was opening day. I then told them that perhaps they should have had more staff on hand.
      5 minutes later one sandwich arrived which was on the wrong bread. Two more arrived and again one of them was on the wrong bread. My wife had oredered a Black Forest Ham sandwich which would have been more at home in a British Rail museum of what old sandwiches used to be.
      At this point we all decided enough was enough and left. The "suits" were still outside and were told of the problems. Quite frankly they couldn't have cared a less, all they could say that the place was full.

      1. Customer Service........0
        Value for Money.............-5

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        1. re: uklimeyboy

          Never, ever, go to a restaurant on opening day. What you'll get is what you got!! In fact,
          stay clear for at least a couple of weeks for them to get the kinks worked out and the staff
          a little seasoned.

          I looked at the menu and it does look pricey. We'll try it, but with the holidays upon us probably not until January. I'll report back then, hopefully it'll be a little better. If not, we'll stick with Brent's.

          1. re: LesThePress

            I was there at 7:00 on opening day.
            Besides service was a little slow, food was good.
            It's the same quality as in Beverly Hills.

            1. re: magic man

              Which translates: Stick with Brent's ouit that way.

          2. re: uklimeyboy

            We are on holiday from England and had very little scope for as and when we went..
            My main problem was the lack of service and in particular the suited gents outside coonected with the place who had no interest whatsoever in our complaints.
            we have attended other restruant opening s and normally on opening day they are overloaded with staff, this was just cheap and not even cheerfull.

            1. re: uklimeyboy

              Well, we were here on holiday when it opened and guess what, yup, we are here again and it has CLOSED!! Am I surprised? NO

          3. I never saw the attraction to the BH location..."so-so" food for way too much money...just not worth it.

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            1. re: Shadow

              Been waiting for N&A's to open since it's so close to us and we love a good deli. Unfortunately only the close to us worked out well.

              Being opening day we expected some glitches, of which there were many, but the main problem was the food. Bottom line, very small portions for the prices and the food was basically boring and unispired.

              After a short 15 minute walk and we were there, terrific! We arrived at 5:40 and were told it would be a 20-30 minute wait. It was 20 minutes exactly. The buss boy came up quickly and took our drink order, which he messed up and only brought one of the drinks.

              The waitress arrived soon and we asked some questions and ordered. We both ordered the 1/2 soup 1/2 sandwich, mine pastrami my wife BLT with a side order of skinny fries well done.

              It took an enourmously long time for the food to finally arrive, and of course, our drinks were gone by then. The order came with the following errors:

              The BLT was on Sourdough instead of whole wheat;
              It was a full sandwich, not a half;
              There was no mayo on it as requested (which we had to wait for);
              The fries were steak fries and not well done;
              Instead of the two small salads as ordered (instead of soup), it came with one full dinner salad, with house dressing but we ordered honey mustard;
              The Fries were not a side but a few on my plate with my sandwich.

              All of these items could be chaulkled up to opening day fauxpaughs (sp?) and weren't a big problem. The problem was the food and the portions.

              My sandwich (which goes for $13.50 full, $10.25 half) was so tiny I was shocked!! The Pastrami was okay, but easily was less than 1/2 of what you get at Brent's.

              The BLT was tastless, only the bacon being good. The lettuce had a funny taste to it, we hardly ate the salad.

              The final blow came with the bill, we were charged completely wrong at over $40. They only charged us for one drink, $8.50 for the BLT $11.00 for the salad and the side of fries $4.50 and my pastrami at $11.00. We showed the waitress the errors and she said she'd fix it. After a while (not a short one) she came back and said the manager was fixing the bill. Finally the bill came, $26.36.

              Aside from all the errors, there is no way we will take the short walk and will gladly take the drive to Brent's. I always order the 1/2 & 1/2 at Brents and can hardly finish it. If not for the fries I would have left hungry. Server was okay, the waits and errors not her fault, except she clearly didn't check the food against our order.

              It 's hard to believe they would charge $13.50 for a full pastrami sandwich that small! Never again.

              1. re: Homer6421

                As it turns out some friends of ours happened to go Tuesday evening (we just missed them!) and said the service and food were horrible and, yes, their order was done wrong.

                Uklimeboy is right, we noticed there was no management visible and there should have been overseeing the hostesses, waiters/ess and cooks.

                I fear this place will fail just as the Sushi place before it did.

                1. re: Homer6421

                  Went to Brent’s last night and with the memory of N&Al’s fresh in my mind, OMG!! What a difference!!

                  My wife and I split the ½ soup ½ sandwich special, as we did at N&Al’s, except we split it instead of each ordering one.

                  The Bowl of soup was huge with a huge Matzo ball in it. I took my ½ sandwich and a piece of rye bread from my wife and made a whole sandwich. Each half was easily bigger than the ½ at N&Al’s! The French Fries were a huge side skinny as we ordered them. The side of 1000 island was a large cup, not the mini one at the other place. We were both completely stuffed and everything was great, the service, the food and the portions.

                  We won’t be going back to N&Al’s ever again!!

                  Nate 'n Al's Deli & Restaurant
                  414 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210