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Nov 3, 2009 07:25 PM

staying in Tysons , hotel

looking for best places to try, , into indian, burgers, steak, ok most things , not realy looking for chains, thanks in advance

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  1. The Lebanese Taverna in Tyson's II (the Galleria) is wonderful.
    Family owned. Read the back of the menu for a real American success story.

    If you have a car, Cafe Jasmine at Lake Anne in Reston is excellent.

    Also, in Great Falls is Mediterranee Restaurant, which is also excellent

    1. Steak: Palm, Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Capital Grille, Shula's, Chima (Brazilian style), Wildfire, JR Stockyard (local non-chain), Fleming's and Ritz Carlton Steakhouse.

      High end: Inox, Monterrey Bay Fish Grotto (a mini-chain), and I think there's something new in the Ritz Carlton

      Persian: Shamshiry

      Mall Dining: La Sandia (some stuff is decent - Mexican), Coastal Flats (mini-chain), Lebanese Taverna (mini-chain)

      Korean: Woo Lae Oak

      Sports Bar: Chicks 'n Wings

      Lebanese Taverna Restaurant
      2641 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 02007

      Capital Grille
      601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004

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        Chic n' Wings? Really? Has it improved since this thread......

        1. re: Steve

          Chic n' Wing - I don't eat there, just watch sports and drink.

        2. re: Ericandblueboy

          Point of fact: With the exception of JR Stockyard, every steakhouse listed above is a member of a large national/international chain. For example, The Palm, which often gets mentioned as a quntessential DC-restaurant because of its clients, is in a chain of 26 national and international locations. (The Tysons branch of The Palm will be populated with high tech high rollers. Only the DC branch is populated with folks from Congress.)

          OP, some more information would be useful here. Do you insist on eating in the immediate Tyson's area? If so, here are your choices:

          Indian: Bombay Tandoor

          High-end: Inox

          The above places serve excellent food and would be destination restaurants independent of location.

          Still in Tysons and offering pleasant-enough food you'll find...
          Costal Flats
          Lebanese Taverna
          Woo Lae Oak

          If you're interested in recommendations for specific dishes for the restaurants I've mentioned with less enthusiasm, this board can help you out. Since these are my local restaurants, I've eaten plenty of wholly acceptable meals at them. If you're willing to travel three miles, you pull in Vienna, McLean, Falls Church, and western Arlington. That would let you eat at...

          Burgers: Lost Dog Cafe or its sibling, Stray Cat Cafe. I haven't eaten at Joe's Burgers in McLean since its move two doors from its original location to say yea/nay. However, the best burgers will be in Arlington at Ray's Hellsburger. Lost Dog is half the distance to Ray's Hellsburger. If you have a car, you ought to drive all the way to Ray's for the best.

          Steak: Isn't there a two-restaurant Argentine steak mini-chain in Falls Church that folks post about? Again, if you're willing to drive to Arlington, head to Ray's the Steaks. Simply the best and best-value choice in the DC metro area.

          Turkish: On Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, both Nizam (Vienna) and Kazan (McLean) serve donner kebab with yogurt, tomatoes, and pita. There are other good choices on the menu at both places. The Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church has its fans and its detractors. Most people agree that the food is delicious. However, many are put off by the smell coming from the butcher shop that shares the space with this ultra casual restaurant.

          Japanese: Tachibana (McLean)

          Wine bar/small plates: Evo (McLean)

          Bouillabaisse only @ Ocean M (Their other dishes trend to a richer, old-fashioned style that I no longer favor. However, the bouillabaisse is a great, classic version.)

          New American Cuisine: Bazin's

          1. re: Indy 67

            I think the steak places in FC you're mentioning in Victors Grill. I've only been to the stand-alone one, not the one in the strip mall. It's really good, but it's just different than the other steak houses, Ray's included. If you haven't had South American style steak, and want a unique experience, hit the stand alone and get the Argintenean style steak. I do think the ownership is Bolivian, though.


            1. re: Indy 67

              For some reason I think Ocean M is gone...

              1. re: Indy 67

                I fourth Lebanese Taverna--everything four of us had was amazing! Except maybe dessert. We had the cheese pies, the spicy sausages, the yogurt casserole with lamb, etc... All was great!

            2. One of my favorites in the DC area is Rose Restaurant in neareby Vienna, VA. Persian. I recommend the gheymeh, a beef and chick pea stew, get this topped with eggplant. Also, you can call in advance and reserve the tah deeg (bottom of the rice pot). A delicacy. It's good to add the torshi (sour pickles) garlic torshi (garlic roasted in balsamic) and mast-o-musir (yogurt and shallots).


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              1. re: Steve

                Absolutely love the Rose restaurant, Steve.

              2. Thanks to you all , like the look of the Mediteranean Cafe, Also may go to Bethesda, had indian there last time I was down At Hanndi, it was real good, any outher indian worth trying or would top them do not mind to travel at all , have gps

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                  If you specifically want Indian at Haandi, you certainly don't have to travel to Bethesda. There's a branch of this mini-chain two miles from Tysons on Rte 7 in Falls Church. That said, Bombay Bistro is far better Indian than Haandi and its located in the Tyson's area proper.

                  1. re: Indy 67

                    thanks , Bombay Bistro , has a nice menu, will try it, looks like vindaloo tonight

                    1. re: djr222

                      Went last night, was real good overall, I live over here now, but come from the UK where the choice of good Indian food is huge, so I have to say this is right up there in the top 25% which is real good, with all the Indian that I have tried over the years,

                      I had
                      Shorba Dal
                      Lentil puree cooked with herbs and spices,

                      Lamb Vindaloo,

                      Gobi Aloo
                      Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in aromatic spices

                      Kashmiri Naan
                      Naan stuffed with cashew nuts and dried fruits.

                      Soup was great but a way to big serving,

                      Lamb Vindaloo, did a good job on the sinuses, and a good size portion, and a lot of lamb would have again

                      Here was the only complaint Gobi Aloo, was sort of tasteless, and for $10.00 for just some Potatoes and a small amount of Cauliflower, that was a big rip of in my opinion

                      Basmati Rice was very good, and well cooked

                      Apart from that would go back

                      1. re: djr222

                        djr222, there is not an Indian restaurant in the D. C. area (Rasika included) that would approach London's Vineet Bhata or Akbar in Manchester or Bradford. If you are still here go to Shamshiry or the Rose restaurant in Vienna. Inox (interpretative modern American) at Tyson's is also particularly good. Excepting these you should consider El Pollo Rico (Preruvian-perhaps best in America) and Ravi Kebob (Pakistani) both in Arlington. Both are better than anything in New England.

                      2. re: djr222

                        Whoops! In my attempts to be helpful, I confused the situation. My original recommendation was for Bombay Tandoor, which is located on the ground floor of an office building somewhat west of the Tysons's mall (8603 Westwood Center Drive). Unfortunately, I had a senior moment when writing my post of November 4 and called the restaurant Bombay Bistro. Now, that's a very good Indian restaurant, too, but it's located in Fairfax, somewhat west of Tysons. So where did you dine? Bombay Bistro? Bombay Tandoor? The clue you left about the Vindaloo being properly sinus-clearing matches our experience at Bombay Tandoor.

                        At any rate, I'm glad to read that you enjoyed your meal where ever you ate, and that it compared favorably with Indian food you can get in London.

                        1. re: Indy 67

                          I was wondering how far your "Tyson" boundaries extended. Bombay Tandoor used to be on the regular rotation until we tried Bombay Bistro, a bit farther from central Vienna than Bombay Tandoor but in the opposite direction. We like Bistro much better than Tandoor.

                          On two or three occasions on a Sunday evening we've gone to Bombay Tandoor and found that there was a large party going on. Sometimes they were completely closed except for the party, and one occasion, they offered to serve us but warned of the party. We passed.

                          Good thing Shamshiry is just down at the other end of the parking lot. Did that make the list in this thread? Good kabobs.

                          1. re: Indy 67

                            no problem it was the Bombay Tandoor, and again it was good

                    2. Small family restaurant in Fairfax City on Main Street...not too far...good food...great buffet.

                      Yen Cheng Restaurant
                      9992 Main Street, Fairfax, Virginia , 22030